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Friday, April 8, 2011

Blog Tour: Interview & Giveaway with Carmen Ferreiro Esteban Author of Two Moon Princess

Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover: 300 pages
Publisher: Tanglewood Press (October 5, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9781933718125
ISBN-13: 978-1933718125
Buy the Book: Amazon
Visit the site: Carmen Ferreiro Esteban
In this coming-of-age story set in a medieval kingdom, Andrea is a headstrong princess longing to be a knight who finds her way to modern-day California. But her accidental return to her family's kingdom and a disastrous romance brings war, along with her discovery of some dark family secrets. Readers will love this mix of traditional fantasy elements with unique twists and will identify with Andrea and her difficult choices between duty and desire.

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Carmen Ferreiro Esteban

Reading Teen: What gave you the idea of this storyline?

CFE: Two Moon Princess is loosely based on my life. Like Andrea, I came to the New World, California, from Spain. Of course, I didn't come from medieval Spain, but I have always loved stories that take place in medieval times. I did meet "John" in California and he came with me to Spain where trouble ensued. But the similitude between the real and the imaginary story lines stops there. I like the story I made up much better.

As for the portal between Xaren-Ra and Earth it is based in a real place in Spain. This arch is on a beach I used to visit when I was a child. It always felt like a magical place to me.

Reading Teen: Could you live in Andrea's shoes for a day? Would you want to?

CFE: Sure. Andrea is impulsive and I rationalize everything. For once, it would be fun to act without considering the consequences. There would be no consequences as I would be Andrea only for one day. Right?

Anyway, I think Andrea is fun. So yes, I would love to be her for a while.

Reading Teen: Who was your favorite character in this book?

CFE: I spent so much time with all my characters even those that are not in the story for long that I got attached to all of them.

But I guess my favorite has to be Andrea. And Julian.

Reading Teen: Will this book be a stand alone or have a sequel?

CFE: I conceived Two Moon Princess as a standalone, and I knew exactly how it would end as I wrote it. But, after I finished it, I realized something was amiss.

**Spoiler Alert**

If you have read Two Moon Princess, you know that at the end Andrea goes back to California with her love interest. Now the problem is that Andrea plans to stay, while her love has come to Earth only to learn how to build dams and the principles of irrigation, then he plans to return to Xaren-Ra.

Because of this, after I finished writing Two Moon Princess, my characters stayed in my mind arguing and a new story was born.

My publisher has agreed to publish it, let's hope next year.

You can read the end of chapter one at my blog ( or website (

Reading Teen: What ritual did you have while writing Two Moon Princess?

CFE: I'm afraid I didn't have any.

When I was writing Two Moon Princess, my children were little, so I wrote whenever their schedule allowed it. When I sat down in front of the computer, I was always pressed for time. No time for rituals.

Reading Teen: Did you have a favorite snack while writing this book?

CFE: Chocolate, I suppose. Chocolate is my favorite snack for any occasion.

Reading Teen: If I could ask Andrea what she cherished most in life, what do you think her answer would be?

CFE: I would say freedom. For Andrea, because her possibilities were so restricted in her world, freedom is very important. That is why, in the sequel, she doesn't want to give it up by going back to Xaren-Ra.

Reading Teen: What did you do in celebration when you finished writing Two Moon Princess?

CFE: It was a while ago so, honestly, I don't remember.

But, around that time, maybe a little before, I did buy myself a watch with a golden circle that tells the phases of the moon, like the one Tío Ramiro gives Andrea in Two Moon Princess.

Reading Teen: Can you tell us a snippet/teaser from your favorite part of this book?

CFE: One of my favorite scenes in Two Moon Princess is the conversation between Andrea and Don Alfonso, the conceited prince she meets at the ball. Or, more precisely outside the ball.

The Ball is a recurring event in 'princesses' tales. Usually it serves as the setting where the princess meets her prince. But not in Two Moon Princess, for Andrea is forbidden to attend because of her unprincesslike behavior. So instead she watches the ball hidden in the canopy of a tree that overlooks the main balcony outside the Hall.

It's there she meets Don Alfonso, prince of Suavia. Alfonso is not allowed to attend the ball either--in his case because he is only a second son--but has bribed his brother to open the balcony door so he can steal inside.

Andrea takes an instant dislike for the prince, but it is thanks to him that she learns about the portal to another world. So this is a pivotal scene in the story. And Andrea does see her prince for the first time that night, but he never sees her, for he is too busy wooing the wrong girl.

Here is how Andrea learns about the door.

As we join them, Don Alfonso is complaining that he was not invited to the ball.

“Wouldn’t you agree, Princess, in the easy parallel that can be drawn between the door destiny has closed for me and the one my brother so stubbornly seeks? And most of all in how they are both connected? Because, had my brother found his door, he would be gone by now, and I would be the one attending the ball.” “What door?”

“The door to the world beyond, of course.” There was surprise in his voice, and something else, like distrust, which made me even angrier.

Jumping forward, I grabbed his arm. “What are you talking about?”

Gently, but firmly, Don Alfonso pushed me away. “Are you really a princess of the House de Montemaior?”

I tightened my hand around my arrow and bent my legs ready to attack. How did he dare to doubt my words? Don Alfonso did not move. His puzzled eyes intent on mine, he seemed lost in thought. Suddenly he smiled. “But of course! You don’t know about other worlds. Why should you? You are a girl. It is only natural that your father did not want to bother a delicate lady as yourself with the knowledge of the door. Sorry to have mentioned it.”

After bowing gracefully to me, he turned his attention to the balcony. He seemed to consider the matter closed. I did not. Being a princess was hard enough without having to endure some stupid prince bragging about secrets I would never share because they were reserved for men.

I lifted my arm and pressed the arrow against his neck. “Tell me about the door. Now!” I whispered through clenched teeth. “Or else.”

Thank you so much Carmen for spending the time to answer some our our questions about your book.

Check back for the review of Two Moon Princess soon!



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