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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Borders Gone Wild, Daniel Radcliffe in The Woman in Black, and Other Fun Things

Here's some fun stuff for Hump Day!

Buzzfeed compiled a group of "Bitter Borders" photos.  These crack me up!!!  Apparently some of the employees at different closing Borders store are pretty perturbed, to say the least, and have been expressing it through "sign" language.  These seriously crack me up!


Also from Buzzfeed, check out these fantastic Bookshelves for the uber-creative!  Not sure if they're as good as my Harry Potter bookshelves, but they're pretty interesting!

(but it would probably drive me insane)

And since I'm all about Buzzfeed today:

Here's a few books they came up with for the Wizarding World's Social Media and Marketing section of The Daily Prophet:

And speaking of Harry Potter,

Daniel Radcliffe's next film, The Woman in Black, which is slated to release in 2012, has released a teaser-trailer.  He will be starring in this creepy-looking period thriller about a young lawyer who travels to a remote village on business and finds himself in the sights of the ghost of a scorned woman with vengeance on her mind.  Creepy!  But can he get past being Harry? 

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!!


  1. He has been Harry for over a decade. I, for once, you never look at him and see other than Harry. and I don't want to! =)

    I wanted to visit that Borders!!! SO COOL! hahaahahahahah

  2. I feel the same way! He will always be Harry to me, nothing to be done about it! Just accept it and move on! haha

  3. Cool shelves!
    "Most chilling ghost story of our time" is a bit conceded, don't you think? Too bad Harry's in such a creepy looking movie. I don't really like movies that make you jump and squeal like a sissy. I prefer to keep my sissiness hidden from the general public.

  4. hahaha!!! I want to see you jump and squeal like a sissy!! :P

  5. :D Those Borders pics rock! Way to make the best of a really crappy situation.

    Thanks for sharing Andye!

  6. I love your posts of random but interesting stuff! I found all subjects in this post to be extremely entertaining. And to my utter shock, the mention of Borders stores closing didn't make me incredibly sad (get this- I actually laughed a little). Haha.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. BODICE ripping romance??? Hahahahaha! And I LOVE the round book shelf, that one's my favourite!

  8. Love those bookshelves! I want the "read" one.

  9. Great book shelves! Having worked at a book store that recently closed (no, not Borders) I know what they are feeling. Daniel Radcliffe will do well after Harry. He was recently in a WWI period piece on PBS's Masterpiece Classic, My Boy Jack. He was good.

  10. There are several great things about this post...

    1. Harry Potter!!!

    2. Our Border's is closing down, but there were no funny signs. But there is a coupon ad for 33% off a regular priced book at Border's.

    3. You really can't use the restrooms at Border's, which is why I left the other day in the middle of book buying (great deals!)

    4. I'm going back to Border's on Friday.

    5. Andye is awesome.

  11. I need some bookshelves like those, I loved the Pacman one!

    Wow, Daniel in a ghost movie! Only the teaser gave me the creeps!


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