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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hunger Games Cast: GALE & PEETA ANNOUNCED!

                          PEETA- Josh Hutcherson  &  GALE- Liam Hemswoth                                 

What do you think about this???
 Do they look good with her...

Jennifer Lawrence
Well there you go guys, our Gale, Peeta and Katniss are all together now!


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  1. Absolutely not. I can't even put together words right now.

  2. I thought Josh Hutcherson was cast as Peeta?
    I don't really know the acting abilities of any of them, but the casting was a big deal so I'm sure everyone involved made what they thought was the best decisions.
    I'm still super excited about the movies.

  3. Yeah, josh is peeta and Liam is gale

  4. I didn't like the pick on Katniss. I love Josh but I don't think he'll be good for it, specially with that Katniss...
    Well, as I said before, my 8th sense is telling me it'll not end up good... Zero expectations for the final thing.

    And yeah, they mixed them up. Liam looks more like Peeta to me.

  5. That's stupid, I can see it much more the other way. Josh as Gale, but anyhoo I fixed the mistake.

  6. Hahahahahaha Amy!!! Tell us how you really feel. I don't know. I kind of like them. Josh looks boyish and sweet, how I picture Peeta and Liam looks hot and manly like I picture Gale. Though the hair colors are wrong. They'll fix that I assume. Honestly after they picked Jennifer Lawrence I stopped caring. She better do a freaking awesome job, that's all I have to say.

  7. Wow! OK, OK, I can see myself liking these guys! I was a little apprehensive about Jennifer when she was first cast but I really just needed some time to see it. I really like Josh Hutcherson. He's a wonderful actor in everything I've seen him in so I have no doubt he'll be a great Peeta. I'm so glad it's FINALLY CAST!

  8. Josh is an okay choice. I've always been a fan of his acting and I think he can do the role justice. The only thing I'm worried about with him is that he looks so much younger than Jennifer Lawrence.

    As for Liam Hemsworth I absolutely HATE his getting cast as Gale. He is not a very good actor and he doesn't look a thing like the part. And not only that but awhile ago when he first got the script people asked him what he thought of it and he was like "it seems like it's gonna be a great action movie." which just cements the fact that he just doesn't get the point of the story. It's not just an action movie and if you think it is you're missing the point entirely. He doesn't get the story, he isn't a good actor, and he doesn't look the part. Personally I find him totally unattractive. So on that front I'm super disappointed. I don't want my perception of Gale to be ruined forever by the movie but I think it will. :(

  9. what do i think??
    i think i'm going to kill the ones that choose them!!
    anyone want to como with me??
    i don;t know what is going to happen now...

  10. Josh has good acting chops but not who I pictured as well. The movies will never be as good as book.

    Twilight is a movie I want as do over but not going to happen. Books are always better in my imagination , so thats my .02 cents

  11. I've liked Josh since I saw him in Bridge to Terabithia, I think he can act and he looks like the Peeta I had in mind. BUT the Peeta I had in mind would have suited a younger looking Katniss. In my eyes Josh is a good choice but he doesn't go with Jen.
    I haven't seen Liam act, but I think he suits the LOOK of Gale. My mate says he can't act to save his life - but then again, Gale doesn't show a lot of emotion so maybe it'll be okay.

    I don't know... What's the point of being okay with who they picked for Gale and Peeta when their choice for Katniss sucks?!
    And OMG Amy! That picture of Lawrence really screams out "NOT KATNISS!!!" Hahahahahah!

  12. Looks are not that important as they can be changed by a good Hollywood hair and/or makeup artist. Unfortunately, we won't know if they can capture the character's essence until the film is released. And that is what it is really about isn't it? If they can BECOME Katniss, Peeta, and Gale, capture their characteristics and spirit, well, I'll be a fan.

  13. Liam does look too old. Sometimes I wonder if they choose some of the actors just because they are popular at the moment. Like how some people want that Alex Pettyfer to play as Jace in the MI movie series even though he is too old for the part and doesn't fit Jace at all in my opinion.

    Also, they should do the same thing like they did with Harry Potter and Twilight and choose people who aren't well known so when we watch the movie, we won't be like, "Hey, there's Josh Hutcherson!", instead we'll be like "Hey, there's Peeta!" Or, "Hey, there's Miley's boyfriend!" instead of "Hey, there's Gale!"
    Something like that. :)

  14. Meh. This movie already lost me when they cast Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.

  15. I picture them being the other way around. I think they fit better that way, anyone else agree? I see Gale as being dark-haired. Maybe he wasn't..? Josh just looks more Gale-like to me lol.

    Liam does look a little older than the part. He's cute. I don't know either of them really well though. They just need switched, lol :)

  16. I like the choice, very much. I've seen both actors in a role or two and enjoyed watching them. I think they're great!

  17. Not really feeling Liam... I say that, but then there is this flash of what it *could* be if he does it right and I think, "There is it." Depends on his level of devotion and if he is seasoned enough for such an epic role.

    Josh... I see it; isn't that crazy?! He isn't anything like what I felt was going to happen, I thought of him as a Disney little-kiddo actor, but when I saw his picture again during the rumors I thought, BAM.

    Josh and Jennifer? Eh. Maybe once they swap everyones hair colors. Total 180 for the whole cast.

    In the end, I trust Suzanne and she has so much say in this.

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  19. I'm not happy with this cast at all! And I'm not even a huge Hunger Games fan.
    Well let's hope they at least have chemistry together.
    And I do understand why they've picked Liam for Gale. He really looks like he could be Jennifer's brother.

  20. eh I'm not a huge fan of the hunger games so it doesn't really matter to me.
    how can I be happy with peeta and gale when I'm so unhappy with Jennifer lawrence as katniss?


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