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Friday, April 15, 2011

Interview with Jennifer Archer, Author of Through Her Eyes

YAY!!  Today we have the amazing Jenny Archer with us!!  I really loved Through Her Eyes, so I'm very excited that she agreed to do an interview with us!  If you haven't read my review, you can check it out here.

So, I was wondering, did you think of anyone in particular when you wrote Through Her Eyes?

I didn’t think of any one person in particular. However, I did draw from my own experiences and emotions as a teen who lived many different places growing up, and because of that, never really felt as if I completely fit in anywhere.

That must have been hard.  What were you like as a teen? Do you relate to any of your characters?

I’m going to answer both of those questions as one, if that’s okay. I relate somewhat to both Tansy and Bethyl Ann. As I said, like Tansy I moved a lot during my childhood,  and the toughest move of all took place when I was sixteen. Tansy is upset with her mom over being uprooted yet again from a place she has grown to love. I had similar resentful feelings toward my own parents when I had to leave familiar friends and start my junior year of high school in a brand new place. Like Tansy, I was quiet and shy – probably even more so than she is. I wasn’t as brave as Tansy, though. I was far too self-conscious to wear funky hats, for instance; I never wanted to draw attention to myself! And I doubt I would’ve had the courage to confront a ghost on his territory again and again, as Tansy does, or to contend with a prowler single-handedly. Another difference between Tansy and myself – I wasn’t as cool as she is. In that regard, I think I had much more in common with Bethyl Ann, although I wasn’t quite as “nerdy.” (At least, I don’t think I was!) With my closest friends, I was often as goofy as Bethyl Ann, though, and I had her quirky sense of humor. But I wasn’t as intellectually smart. And I hope I had better fashion sense!

Haha, yes, better fashion sense would be good!  What has been the greatest moment so far in this journey?

As a writer, there are two “greatest moments” for me. The first is holding the finished book in my hands for the first time. The second is hearing from a reader that one of my stories touched them in some way, or simply that reading it was an enjoyable experience.

Through Her EyesDid you have any say in the cover? Would you change anything about it if you could?

With all of my books, my publisher has always asked for my ideas. Sometimes they make their way into the final cover, other times not. The cover for THROUGH HER EYES was a complete surprise to me, and I love it! I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. It fits the tone of the story perfectly.

If you weren't a writer, what would you be doing?

I would probably be teaching. I started out as an education major in college, but life led me to change directions along the way. I’ve never lost that passion for teaching, though. A couple of years ago, I taught a continuing education creative writing course at a community college in the city where I live, and I really enjoyed it. If time allows, I’d like to teach more courses in the future.

Thanks so much for answering some questions for us!!  I wish you the best of luck with this fantastic book, and with all your future endeavors!! 

Thanks for having me, Andye! I hope your readers will visit my website and let me know what they think about THROUGH HER EYES. I love hearing from readers!

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