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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Second Hand Saturday! A Book-A-Week Giveway (44)!

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Welcome to Second Hand Saturday!! In an attempt to clear our bookshelves, and pass on great used books to our stalkers followers, Amy, Kit, Abigaile, Austin and I have decided to hold weekly giveaways of some of the books on our bookshelves! Every Saturday, we will post the books available, and the following Saturday, we will announce the winner and our next challenge. The winner will get to choose a book from the list and we will ship it to that lucky person! Each week we will have a different challenge to complete (see below). YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER TO ENTER!  Open Internationally.  Ends at 10:00 pm EST the following Friday!

Middle Grade

YA books + (ARC=Advanced Reading Copy)

ADULT *18 and over

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I (Amy) just read Entwinedby Heather Dixon, it's a take on the story about the "Twelve Dancing Princesses" by the Brothers Grimm. What have you read that was a take on a classic story? If not, have you read anything that could be a classic in years to come?


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  1. I don't remember reading any books with new takes on classic story, but I've read a lot of books that might become classics one day, like for example the Harry Potter series.

    Thanks for the chance!

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. I recently read Prom and Prejudice (was wonderful) which was a new take on Pride and Prejudice (my all time favorite book). It was really good.

    Thanks for the giveaway/clearing of the shelves. :)


  3. I *just* read Entwined, as well!! It's my favourite fairytale so I was soooo happy when it came out!

    Other then that I'd have to say "Princess of the Midnight Ball" by Jessica Day George is my favourite fairytale retelling. It's another twelve dancing princesses story, and I simply *adore* those. Thank You!!!!!!:)

  4. I read prom & prejudice and loved it. I also read pose & prejudice dreadfully after all. Zombies were good but not my favorite.

  5. I read Cinderella Lopez by Berta Platas and its just a fun, stylish take on Cinderella.
    Thanks for the giveaway ^_^

    faefever25 at hotmail dot com

  6. I'm not really into classics or rewrites of classics, but I have read Beastly by Alex Flinn, long before it became a movie. It's basically a modern twist on Beauty and the Beast.

  7. I recently read The Goddess Test, which was centered around Greek gods and goddesses, with a different take on the myth of Persephone. I guess that fits? It was great! I highly recommend it, especially if you like Greek mythology.

  8. I read Beastly which is a modern day Beauty and the Beast.Please enter me in contest.

  9. Well I read Prom and Prejudice a month ago, which is obviously a take on Pride and Prejudice. I loved it!! There are a ton of fairytale books that are remade into a modern retelling or at least retold. A lot of classics are being remade with a paranormal twist, like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
    Dreaming Anastasia by Joy Prebel was good. It's a paranormal retelling of folktale of Baba Yaga, Vasilissa the Beautiful (a fairytale) and Anastasia Romanov.

    I agree with Dovile, I think Harry Potter might be a classic one day.

    Thanks for another great giveaway :)


  10. GAH! This didn't show up again in Reader. I recently read Blessed by Cynthia Smith. It's kind of a retelling/her version of Dracula. It was great to read Dracula incorporated into the novel.

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  11. I've read Taming the Beast by Evangeline Anderson that's a retellling of Beauty and the Beast for adults. Definitely not for children. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale.

    blog follower (She)

  12. Ash by Malinda Lo is Cinderella with a lesbian twist. Malinda is such a great writer. I'm also planning to read Prom and Prejudice soon. :)

  13. I've read Beastly (the retelling of Beauty and the Beast)... Now I must run out and see the movie!


  14. I read Princess of The Midnight Ball, which I'm pretty sure is also a retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. I loved it! : ) Also, of course, there's Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine... I love fairy tale retellings.
    Thanks for 2nd Hand Saturday!
    ambience.of.rain {at}

  15. I read Jane by April Lindner - which is one of my favorite novels ever written. It's a retelling of Jane Eyre.

    Thank you for the chance!

  16. I love reading re-tellings of classic books, but my absolute favorite would have to be Spindles End by Robin McKinley. I loved how she took the story of sleeping beauty and gave it a totally fresh spin (the ending was definitely the best part). ^_^

    The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

  17. I don't really remember reading any re-tellings, but I've read books like Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments, which are bound to become classics!!!!
    Geeks & Books

  18. I've recently read A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn, which is a modern take on Sleeping Beauty. It was pretty good.

  19. I just read STARCROSSED, by Josephine Angelini, which is a remake of THE ILIAD. It was really awesome! I love a good retelling :)

    I'm a Twitter follower!

  20. I've read Ever by Gail Carson Levine, Beauty by Robin McKinley and Beastly by Alex Flinn.
    But my favourite will always be Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine.

  21. I read Juliet a couple of months ago which is a modern day retelling of the actually people involved in the Romeo and Juliet story. It was a great read.

    Lisa, bell198(at)aol(dot)com

  22. I've been wanting to read Entwined soo badly! I love any book related to classic fairy tales.

    One of my favorite re-makes of a classic is Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. It was the inspiration for the Broadway musical. I love what Gregory did with the original characters from Wizard of Oz.

  23. I really liked The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski. It is a modern day retelling of Hamlet. I plan on reading The Wager by Donna Jo Napoli soon. I've heard that it is based on a traditional Sicilian fairy tale.

  24. I recently read PROM AND PREJUDICE by Elizabeth Eulberg, and I loved it! :D

    I can't find the extra entries form. (+4...)

    cc932005 at hotmail dot com

  25. The most recent retelling that I read was Beastly by Alex Flinn. It pretty a pretty cute book! Haven't seen the movie yet; I will probably wait until it comes out on DVD to rent.

  26. I recently finished reading Prom and Prejudice ( modern take on Pride and Prejudice) which was really good!

    I've read other ones but none omce to mind right now...

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. I've read Beastly, which is a modern Beauty And The Beast, and I can't wait to read Tris & Izzie (coming out later this year), which is a modern adaptation of Tristan and Isolde, a german legend.


  28. I'm a huge fan of fairy-tale retellings, but my absolute favorite is Fire Rose by Mercedes Lackey - a fantasy retelling of Beauty and the Beast (which just happens to be my favorite fairy tale).

    This is a great idea, and you guys have so many great books on offer! Thanks!

    greenparrot55 [at] hotmail [dot] com

  29. Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce is a retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.


  30. Ash and Ella Enchanted are both retelling of Cinderella!


  31. I sort of have a weakness for Shakespearean fiction. Basically anything that involves Shakespeare plays will catch my interest. Not kidding, it's one of the most random "genres" ever, but also one of my favorites. :) I find myself all giggly when I read them...which could be because I'm a theater geek... I really loved Wondrous Strane by Lesley Livingston and really enjoyed it. Also, Saving Juliet by Suzanne Selfors is a favorite of mine! <3


  32. I read Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis, which is a retelling of the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche. Such a good book. And I saw Red Riding Hood in theaters. :)

    Amy // amyismyfriend at aol dot com

  33. I've read the Books of Bayern series by Shannon Hale. The first book in the series, The Goose Girl, is based off the Grimms' story of, well, the goose girl. I love the plot of both the story and the book, and the rest of the books in the series are written so well too!


  34. This is an adult series but its a series by Linda Howard Jones. It's about 3 sisters who are elemental witches, if I remember correctly. It was set it medieval times. I truly believe that had it gotten more "press" it could have been considered a classic trilogy. It had, suspense, inner conflict. I really enjoyed the characters as well.

  35. There aren't any I've read that I can remember, but I do have several in my TBR pile. I've read classics like Jane Eyre, though.

  36. I would say Wicked, which is kind of a twist and kind of a spinoff of the Wizard of Oz.

    Stephanie- thegirlonfire
    thegirlonfire27 at gmail dot com

  37. +JMJ+

    I recommend Neal Shusterman's Dark Fusion trilogy. (I use the word "triology" lightly as the books are a set, but not really three parts of an interconnected story. Hmmmm. Perhaps I should have just said "Dark Fusion set"? LOL!) He has written gritty, modern takes on The Ugly Duckling, Little Red Riding Hood, and Goldilocks for YA readers. I never hesitate to recommend Shusterman, a creative and original writer.

  38. THE TRUE STORY OF THE 3 LITTLE PIGS. This was a book I read with my daughter. It is the classic story told from the wolf's point of view.

    As far as a book that I think will become a classic, I would say MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA. I remember a surge of interest in this lifestyle after the success of this novel.

  39. Pride, Prejudice & Zombies and The Iron Fey series. It is loosely based on Midsummer's Nights Dream.

  40. I just finished Sleeping Beauty: VAmpire Slayer, which obviously is a twist on the original fairytale :)

  41. I read Fairest by Gail Carson Levine which is based off the Sleeping Beauty story (I think).

    erikadlugoAT (yahoo).(com)

  42. Nothing recently, but I have a lot on my TBR such as: Ash (Malinda Lo), The Goddess Test (Aimee Carter) and Prom & Prejudice (Elizabeth Eulberg). I hope that counts as an answer!


  43. I read "Ophelia" by Lisa Klein, and it re-tells the story of Hamlet from Ophelia's perspective. It was a wonderful story, infused with a liberal dose of romance and also Ophelia's back-story on how she came to be accepted as a lady in the court at Elsinore Castle. I thoroughly enjoyed it - plus, the Shakespearean dialogue is combined with an easier flow of writing than Shakespeare's prose - so people of a younger age, such as teenagers, can tackle the story, and grasp it better. I love re-telling of such classics, because I feel like there is more of a chance that young people will acquaint themselves with these wonderful stories! :)

    Thank you so much for this (continued) opportunity! :)

    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz

  44. I just read The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey and it was a twist on Cinderella.


    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

  45. l don't really think classic stories are for me, l never even really read them when l was a child!
    Maybe one day a book l have read will be though =)

  46. The last book I read was probably Beastly, which is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

  47. I read Prom and Prejudice which was take on Pride and Prejudice.

    Thanks for the chance!!!


  48. Cameron Dokey wrote several new takes on classic stories, such as Belle (beauty and the beast),
    and Golden (retelling of rapunzel). I absolutely LOVED Belle, and intend on reading his Mulan "version". :)

  49. I love retellings, so I've read quite a lot ;) I've read Prom & Prejudice, Austenland & many more books based on Jane Austen's works, also Jane by April Lindner (modern Jane Eyre), Princess of the Midnight Ball (12 Dancing Princesses)& Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow (East of the Sun, West of the Moon) by Jessica Day George, Sevenfold Spell by Tia Nevitt (Sleeping Beauty), Cinderella: Ninja Warrior by Maureen McGowan, A Kiss in Time (Sleeping Beauty) & Beastly by Alex Flinn, etc.

  50. I'm not sure I have read any books that are re-tellings of other classical stories, but I am pretty sure there are loads of books out there which are on their way to becoming classics! Off the top of my head, the Harry Potter series!

    I'd love to read a re-telling, though! Entwined just sounds lovely!

    Thanks for this chance!



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