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Saturday, May 7, 2011

In My Mailbox (11) & Second Hand Saturday! A Book-A-Week Giveaway #49!

We decided that since we do Second Hand Saturday every week, and we've started doing In My Mailbox, that we would try out combining the two.  If you're only here for IMM, feel free to skip the giveaway, and just watch the video.  If you're here for Second Hand Saturday, this week's challenge is to WATCH THE VIDEO and answer the really mean question that Amy asks (just remember that Andye is the one who picks the pressure though). Fill out this form for an extra entry.


Thanks to Harper Audio, Harper Teen, Harlequin Teen, Disney Hyperion and our husbands, who don't harass us for buying books (too much).


(If you've been here before, scroll down for this week's challenge in red)
Welcome to Second Hand Saturday!! In an attempt to clear our bookshelves, and pass on great used books to our stalkers followers, Amy, Kit, Abigaile, Austin and I have decided to hold weekly giveaways of some of the books on our bookshelves! Every Saturday, we will post the books available, and the following Saturday, we will announce the winner and our next challenge. The winner will get to choose a book from the list and we will ship it to that lucky person! Each week we will have a different challenge to complete (see below). YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER TO ENTER!  Open Internationally.  Ends at 10:00 pm EST the following Friday!

Middle Grade

YA books + (ARC=Advanced Reading Copy)

ADULT *18 and over

To enter this week's giveaway, you must be a follower of this blog, and:

Scroll back up to the top, watch the video, then answer the really mean question that Amy asks...  
Thank You so much for following. We could not do this without our followers. Come back next Saturday to see the winner and enter in for another book giveaway!


Rie Conley

 Email me at ReadingTeen1 at with your book choice!!  Please put "winner" in the subject line.  You have a week to claim your prize!

ATTENTION!! If you win and you'd like multiple books in the same series (Like all the books in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series etc.) (if we have them) and are willing to pay the shipping, we will ship them all to you! (It's too expensive for us to do it ourselves!)



  1. us blondes are too fab to ever go grey, you know...and I think steel corsets would make very, um, secure, underwires...

    Still in awe of your fab IMM titles and theme song

  2. Oh, don't listen to me... I am much older than Andye :) She doesn't have any grey.

  3. Ooooooops, I didn't realize I just gave you guys the answer, crappola.

  4. sure doesn't look like she has any grey to me...great highlights though!

  5. I love Andye's hair and there is no hint of grey or gray because Amy likes to go British with her spelling of grey. Me, too, Amy. It's an Amy thing I guess.

    Other comments...

    *I'd probably like THE BEGINNING OF AFTER because I like those emotional books.

    *I do not wear a steel corset either.

    *No, it's not dirty. :)

    Thanks for another exciting IMM and SHS!

    Amy // amyismyfriend at aol dot com

  6. Haha, I definitely don't think she has any grey in there! Plus you guys are blonde! You probably won't even be able to tell when you DO start getting grey hair.


  7. Oh, I don't think so...but then again, the video quality is not all that great. :)

  8. I swear that before playing the video, I was watching the still and was gonna tell Andye she has great her (Amy too but I just happened to notice Andye's first) and I saw no gray!

    I'm excited about The beginning of after, sounds emotional, which I like :DDD

  9. Nope, no grey! Like others have said, you're lucky because your blonde hair will hide any that you may eventually get. Unfortunately for me, I have dark hair. Thank goodness for hair dye! :)

  10. She does not have any grey hairs!



  11. Definitely not!
    Also I am not a big fan of the Vampire Kisses books either.

  12. There are no grey hairs!!

    I got Defiance by Lili St Crow in the mail, personalized :)

  13. I can see definitely no grey hair :) Also, you're much too young to be having grey hair :D

    jill.barrakling at gymfred de

  14. No! Of course you do not have any grey hair! Fabulous people don't get gray hair. People who bug them about it do. lol JK. But, really you don't. Final Answer.

    Tezza V.
    TValeros18 @ gmail [dot] com

  15. Is this where we're supposed to leave our answers? B/c I have to say that Andye doesn't have any grey hair... but her part sure was messy. :)

  16. Grey hair? Of course not! Your hair is beautiful. :P

    Love your IMMs. They're always so fun!

  17. No I don't think so there's any greys. She looks young. Steel corset would make a great armor.

  18. When I colored my hair with blond, I didn't have grey either. Once I started going dark--grey!!! Oh well ;) means I have more wisdom, right?

  19. Send me your Divergent and I'll get it SIGNED when Veronica comes to Austin next month!!

  20. Haha you guys are funny!
    I would definitely say no grey!!

  21. You are way too young to get gray hair, your hair is gorgeous and blonde!!! The steel corsets making secure underwires is hilarious....though, I'm sure they would. You guys got a lot of amazing books.


  22. God, you girls are so much fun!

    Nada, you blonde girls can't possibly have grey hair cos blondes go white, not grey, right? :P

  23. Andye definitely has NO gray hair! Also, the only thing in my mailbox this week was bills! DIVERGENT looks like a great book as does The Beginning of After.

    Samfor3 at frontier dot com

  24. Nada, Zip, No, Negative, and Nothing..... She has no gray hair! Um......very young and beautiful.....Steel Corsets would make awesome armor! Great books!!!!

  25. Awww, of course you don't have grey hair, bad Amy bad! LOL. Nah. You're all good Andye!

    Another great IMM--you two gals always make me smile!

    Hmmm, I need to get me some of that underwire, ha!

  26. Definitely none whatsoever!
    You girls looks so young :)
    Amy you're hilarious.
    Talk about underwire.


  27. Nope, there is no gray there :) I'm really jealous of Divergent. I need that book!


  28. I don't see any grey at all! Besides, if/when you guys do get grey hair, it will hardly be visible between the blonde.

    Also, I just received my copy of Divergent and I'm so excited to read it!

  29. No, I don't think she's got any gray! Haha Talk about underwire was the best! Really want to read Divergent AND Throne of Fire!!

    Geeks & Books

  30. No grays, just bee-yu-tee-ful!

    widsfam7 @ digis dot net

  31. Andye has NO gray hair! (she picks he winner and I wouldn't say bad things about her hair!). LOL

    Today I've got City of Ashes (in Portuguese!), Catching Fire and Secret Society Girl. So exciting! :)

  32. What? Gray hair! Are you kidding? No gray hair. Great IMM guys. I want that very clean copy of Near Witch. LOL

  33. You can't have fun AND grey hair so I'm going to go with a big NO on that one :)

    ★ Leila

  34. No, Andye's hair is gorgeous and perfect!! Blondes are Sooooo lucky!!
    hehe I totally laughed about the "underwire" thing!!

  35. Aww.. I want Divergent too :P:)

    And I didn`t see any grey hair :)

    Please count me in for the giveaway

  36. It's hard to see any grey. I am pretty sure Andye has not got it yet.

    This week I got Iron King. :D

  37. Not a chance, with perfect hair like that. So jealous =D

  38. you only have grey hair if you believe u have grey hair. so she clearly doesn't have grey hair. ITS ALL JUST A MIND GAME!!!!!!! :)

  39. You got The Beginning of After! I'm looking forward to that.

    As always when I watch your IMM, thanks for the laughs.

    Happy reading :-)

  40. The beauty of being blonde is the gray hair just seems like a highlight (though it sure didn't look to me like you had any).
    Speaking as a brunette with VERY dark hair (and grays since the age of 12), I say WHO CARES? If you do have grays, rock it.

  41. Of course she has no grey! ;) Her hair is wonderful.

    I love your IMMs. Great books this week! The Beginning of After looks fabulous, I have The Girl in the Steel Corset on Net Galley and... DIVERGENT! DIVERGENT! Oh, and The Near Witch looks great too :)

  42. Oh she doesn't have any gray hair! Haha great IMM guys (:

    Sophia L.
    sophiayunjin at gmail dot com

  43. LOL! I love how Amy's answered the question in the comments! Does that mean she's taking part? ;P

    And no Andye! You don't have grey hair! That's just crazy :D

  44. I love the over of The Near Witch, so glad it's not dirty (literally that is ;)
    Fab IMM as always!

  45. I laughed out loud when yo guys were talking about The Near Witch being dirty! And though I haven't worn a steel corset (and I don't even plan to, ever) its, uh, kind of a great underwire too. (I think)

    And Andye's blonde, so I don't think she has gray hair. Great, I'm envious now. :)

    You guys make the funniest IMMs, I love watching it!

  46. I couldn't notice any grey hair either.

    I'd love toread Divergent too, but I somehow can't get a copy:)

    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  47. Definitely no gray. Then again, I'm legally blind, so...

  48. Hmmmm... I didn't see any, I like the highlights, they are pretty.
    GFC- Krysta Banco


  49. Grey hair can look wonderful on the right person. However, I would still have to say no to this one.

    A corset is beautiful but steel. Yikes, I don't think I could even do it. Well, how thick is said steel? LOL!

    Funny IMM.

    Please do feel free to stop by to see the Cover Reveal of The Rift Walker.

    Mad Scientist
    Steampunkery & Book Reviews
    For The L♥ve of Reading

  50. Does Andye have gray? DEFINITELY NOT! Ya'll are too beautiful of ladies to be worrying about that.

    Loving your nailpolish Amy. It reminds me of the cover color from The Lost Saints.

  51. I don't think she has grey hair and it looks to me that both of you have the same hair color :D
    I so want to read Divergent!

  52. Without gray hair! It's gorgeous and would remain no matter what color :D

    HG's shirt!

  53. Haha! You two are hilarious! And no, your hair is not gray. Let's just "blame" the camera quality ;)

  54. Yeah right! If you want to see gray hair, you can come take a look at mine. Akthough my hair is much darker than yours, so it's easier to see.

  55. Loving the highlights but didn't see any grey :)

    Sadly, my mailbox was empty of books but full of bills :)



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