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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guest Post from Suzanne Young, Author of A Need So Beautiful

How Teaching Middle School Helped Me to be a Better Author

My first year teaching middle school was a shock. My reading group was completely made up of low level, reluctant readers. I learned a lot that year about what types of books they found interesting, learned about pacing. I hadn’t been an author then, but even now I keep those students in mind when I write. I think about how my words will sound being read aloud in class, or if a teen will want to keep turning the pages.
I fell in love with the pacing of YA—while teaching fun stuff like Lois Duncan books—and it continues to shape what I write to this day.

Suzanne is the author of A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL coming Summer 2011 from Balzer & Bray/HarperCollins followed by its sequel in 2012. Suzanne has also published THE NAUGHTY LIST book series in 2010 with Razorbill/Penguin.


A Need So BeautifulThanks so much, Susan, for guest posting for us today!!  Good luck on your release day!!

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A Need So Beautiful hits stores June 21, but you can pre-order now!


  1. I'm a teacher in a comprehensive school and I've found the experience so valuable to my own attempted scribblings!

    The YA audience is so discerning and demanding! Anyone who dares suggest otherwise need to spend some time with my set 3 year 9 class!

  2. I'd never really thought about YA writing this way, but that's a great point. Thanks for sharing this great post!


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