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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Interview with Myra McEntire, Author of Hourglass

Myra McEntire is seriously one of my favorite author people!  She is just one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people I've ever "cyber-met."  So, I'm very excited to bring you this interview, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing!  Hope you enjoy it too!!


I've never read a book like Hourglass before. The idea is so original. Have you always been interested in the concept of time travel?
More so the scientific aspects than the historical/futuristic possibilities. I like thinking about what could be possible, because there's so much about the world we don't know, and it seems like what we do know changes on a daily basis!
I love the mixture of the paranormal with science. It kind of has an X-Men feel to it. Are you a big fan of Sci-Fi?
I am! It happened a little later in life! My dad always loved Star Trek, but I could never get into it as a kid. (Maybe Chris Pine changed all that with the Star Trek movie?) There's a Klingon reference in the book for my dad!
I realized my inner sci-fi geek as an adult too!  These stories always make me wonder if you came up with the characters first, and their story grew, or if you had a concept for a story and then put characters into it. So which came first (the chicken or the egg)?
Michael came first! He was in two other stories, but they were never quite right. I started Em's story, and once I got to know her a little bit, I knew Michael had found his place!
Emerson is definitely a snarky, witty kind of girl. Whenever I read this kind of character, it makes me think about the author, and how obviously you must be pretty witty yourself to come up with her dialog. Do you feel like Em is similar to you? How are you alike and how are you different?
I mean, I love that you think I'm witty. Mostly, I'm just inappropriate. Em and I are alike in that we both have a broken edit button, and we both use humor as a defense mechanism. We are different in that I don't use violence (she's a little punchy, that Em is) as a coping mechanism. Nor do I run. Okay, maybe after the ice cream truck. But not any other times. Also, I don't see dead people. I don't think.
Yikes, I hope not!  :D  If you could go on a date with one of your characters (can be platonic) which one would you pick, and where would he/she take you?

If I were eighteen and a fictional character ... I would kidnap Kaleb and take him to a desert island. (See? Edit button. Broken. Inappropriate. Wildly.)
Hmm....that might be hard for you to do since he would already be on an island with me....
Becoming a published author can give you influence in ways that you never had before. Can you tell us a way that you have been able to use your influence to make a difference/help someone?
Definitely the Do The Write Thing for Nashville auction last year, but in little ways, it's really important to me to encourage the people who need it. (Which is pretty much everyone!)
I agree, Do The Write Thing was amazing!!  If someone said to you, "Your book changed my life!" What part would you think he/she was referring to?
The hope, I hope! Emerson deals with a lot of crap, maybe not in the most healthy ways, but she's seventeen and she's still learning. I'm thirty-mumble and I learn things about people every day. I have hope, and that's what keeps me going, and I hope people can see that in Emerson.
Wow, that's the EXACT same age that I am!!  How strange!  Are you working on anything now that you can tell us about?
I am ACTUALLY waiting on my revision letter for the HOURGLASS sequel! AHAHAHA!
YAY!  Do you believe that time travel can really happen (or has already happened)?
Many scientists believe that if time travel is possible, it's only possible to the future. One, because no one has shown up claiming time travel is legitimately possible, and two because of the way wormholes would work. (I think Michael explains it to Em in HOURGLASS, and that was totally legit!) That's what makes Em's ability so special.
Thanks, Myra!! I can't send enough wishes of good luck your way!!


Hourglass comes out in 3 days, June 14, 2011.  Preorder it now while it's still cheaper!  Check out my review of Hourglass here!


  1. Great interview, I JUST started Hourglass, hopefully this sick kid lets me get some reading time in :)

  2. Fun interview! Hourglass sounds great.


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