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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review: Don't Stop Now by Julie Halpern

Don't Stop Now
Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
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Series or Stand Alone: Stand Alone
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“I did it.”

On the first day of Lillian’s summer-before-college, she gets a message on her cell from her sort-of friend, Penny. Not only has Penny faked her own kidnapping, but Lil is the only one who Penny told. She knows that Penny’s home life has been rough, and that her boyfriend may be abusive. Soon, Penny’s family, the local police, and even the FBI are grilling Lil, and she decides to head out to Oregon, where Penny may be hiding. And who better to road-trip across the country with than Lil’s BFF, Josh. But here’s the thing: Lil loves Josh. And Josh doesn’t want to “ruin” their amazing friendship.

Josh has a car and his dad’s credit card. Lil has her last Summer of Nothing to fill. Together, they share a thirst for all things weird the United States has to offer. But there’s something else Lil needs to find: Are she and Josh meant to be together?

My Review:

     Don't Stop Now is definitely nothing like I've ever read before.  There were tons of parts of this book where I was literally rolling on the ground laughing my head off.  BUT, there were definitely parts where the humor seemed a little "middle school".  What I did really love were their spontaneous attitudes and overall randomness.  I mean, if you decide to go on a road trip, and don't have spare clothes, then obviously you would pick some up from the Cheese Castle while you're there getting some cheese curds.  Obviously.  They would stop in certain towns just because they found the name interesting or amusing.  I love that.  BUT I did find the fact that Josh doesn't shower regularly kinda... well, gross.  And I was also extremely confused by their relationship.  They're "just friends" and yet they snuggle up together, hold hands, and sometime kiss each other on the cheek.  All I know is I've never had a "just friend" like that... Other than that, it was a cute book that I really enjoyed reading!

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  1. I just finished this book as well. I liked it, similar to how you felt. I loved how random the characters were.


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