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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Simon Audio Week Wrap-Up!

WOW! What a week!!  Thank you SO MUCH to Simon and Schuster Audio for all the amazing audiobooks that they have offered to our followers!!  We've never had such a huge response from people before, and I'm so excited that many people have decided to give audiobooks a try!

If you've been thinking about audiobooks, but don't really know where to begin, here's a few things for you to try.  To give you an example of prices, I'll tell you the price (as of today) for Blood Red Road.
  • Order Audio CDs on Amazon: $28.79 for CDs
  •, you can get a subscription and download books straight to your computer, then listen to them on your iPod.  If you buy a lot of audiobooks, this is the way to go.  $23.95 without a subscription.  Subscriptions are $14.95/month and you get 1 book a month, then 30% off other books.
  • iTunes $23.95 (but older books can be found cheaper)
  • Crackle Barrel!  Did you know that you can "check out" audiobooks at Crackel Barrel.  You can get them at one store and return it to any other store....kinda cool. $3.50/week
  • Check your library!  Our library has TONS of audiobooks, and any time they haven't had one I wanted, I just requested that they buy it, and they have said yes EVERY time.  FREE
 Do you know of any awesome sites to find audiobooks?  Share them in the comments!


Now for the moment you've all been waiting for!  The winners of all the Simon Audio giveaways!

Congratulations, guys!!  You will get your audiobooks soon!


  1. I love audio books and I'm sooooo excited that I won Clockwork Angel!

    My sister rolled her eyes at me when I told her this, but I just learned that I can listen to my Audible books on my Driod. I just had to download an app (free) and my books are there!!!

    Thanks for a great audio week :)

  2. OMG! congrats!!~green with envy~
    I've never heard an audio book! so enjoy!^^

  3. *happy dance* All those comments paid off!! Thanks!!! :)


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