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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ten Things I Wish Were Real (Harry Potter)

In a few hours, The Reading Teen Crew (minus lame Abigaile) will be sitting in the theater, getting ready to watch what is sure to be one of the most amazing, emotional, exciting, fantastic, brilliant books come to life.  So, of course, it's all I can think about today.  I love to think about what it would be like if this world were real, so I thought I'd make a list of the top ten things I wish were true in Harry Potter.  It goes without saying that all of these are magical, so first and foremost, I want MAGIC.

10. Magical Creatures:  Pygmy Puffs.  I want one.  And an owl.  Actually Hedwig, to be specific.  And I'll take Crookshanks too, oh and you can throw in Fawkes for good measure.  While we're at it, I want Hippogriffs and Dragons and Unicorns and Centaurs and Nifflers.  You can keep the Blast Ended Skrewts though.

9. The Knight Bus.  How. Much. Fun?  I want to raise my wand arm and be picked up in a triple decker bus by Stan Shunpike.  I want to race through the streets unseen by Muggles

8.  Diagon Alley.  Coolest town ever.  When I shop, I want it to be for wizarding robes, magical pets, and books that bite.  I want to have a vault in Gringots that you have to pass a dragon to get to, I want to go to Weasleys Wizard Wheezes and buy Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder or Scything Snack Boxes and I want to get ice cream from Florean Fortescue.  I want all of it!  Most of all I want to go to Olivander's.  Who wouldn't want to be able to walk into a shop and be chosen by a wand?  A wand that is made for you.
    • Which, of course means I want wands, too.  Real wands that help me to channel my real magic.  And I want my wand's core to be a Phoenix feather...that's not too much to ask, right?  I want to be able to patrificus totalus someone. Specifically my children. That would be hilarious.

7.  Thestrals.  Who needs a GPS when you have a Thestral?  Half the time GPS is crap anyway, and you end up in the middle of a field.  Thestrals never get lost, they seem pretty friendly, and they'd probably do a great job of keeping the mice away.  It might take you a half an hour to find it in the mornings.....since most of us can't see them....but on the flip side, they'd be hard to steal!

6.  Flying Brooms.  Some of you may prefer disapparation, and I agree, it gets you there faster (though maybe not ALL of you), but I think I agree with Harry when he says he prefers brooms.  I just can't think of anything that sounds more thrilling than being able to fly around just by hopping on a broom.  I might have to make a bug-shield though...
  • Quidditch.  With broomsticks must come Quidditch.  I love playing sports.  I feel like as technology increases, that one day we will have some way to fly around, and I see Quidditch in our future.  Can you imagine the day where we can actually make this happen.  Not sure if we'll ever be allowed to knock a bludger into someone's face, but I can hope! 

5. Invisibility Cloak.  Do I even have to explain why?  And I don't want everyone to have one, just me. And I don't want just any old cloak, I want THE cloak.  No big deal.

4.  House Elves.  Ok, so I know I'm going to make Hermione angry, but I want a freaking house elf.  I mean, how do you expect me to keep up this blog AND do the house work.  I promise, I would treat him fairly, give him time off, and even maybe a couple of bucks here and there (I wouldn't want to offend him by giving him too much).  We would be the best of friends!

3.  The Weasleys.  I want them all.  Especially Fred and George, and maybe you could keep Percy (he can take Fred's place....ehem).  I want Mr. Weasley with his eckeltricity and muggle fascination, Mrs. Weasley and the way she can make anyone feel loved and scolded at the same time, Fred and George and their brilliance expressed by humor, Ron with all his flaws and the way he seems to surprise us at unexpected times, and Ginny, the girl you may have thought was a background character, but who may have been the best of them all.  I don't just want to have the Weasleys, I want to be a Weasley....flaming red hair and all.

2.  Hogwarts.  In every book, I feel like I'm holding my breath until they get to Hogwarts, and when they finally do, I feel like I've come home.  I can't even imagine how amazing it would be to be able to live in a place so alive.  There are few books where a building takes on a life, and actually becomes a character in and of itself.  Hogwarts is that place!

1.  Dumbledore.  When I think of Harry Potter, strangely enough Harry isn't the first one who comes to mind.  It's Dumbledore.  I can not express to you the love I have for this fictional character.  He reminds me of every good and brilliant man who ever walked the face of the planet.  He is the essence of all things good and right.  I love that he was amazing, and brilliant, and talented, and funny (though the movies don't show this), and beyond compare, but I also love that he was flawed.  Even he wasn't perfect, but he never let that stop him.  And above all, he showed us how powerful love is. 

I could go on and on!!  I can't believe that tonight is the end of this era.  But, really, who are we kidding.  This kind of magic never ends!

What do you wish was real?


  1. Great post! I wish all those things were real too! :p

    Very excited to see the move this weekend!

  2. I just saw HP7!
    And I come and read this post!!
    It's awesome!!!
    Even though my list would be different!!
    I want the pygmy puffs of course! In Pink!
    And an Owl!! I want pigwidgeon!And Crookshanks!!!
    And Ron and Draco and Sirius!
    And I wish I was a metamorphmagus!!
    Wow I can just go on!
    Great post you guys!!!
    I wish I had thought of it! :P
    P.S-Sorry for the exclamations!
    I am just excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Potterhead For Life!
    - Oops I Read That Book

  3. Once a Harry Potter fan, ALWAYS a Harry Potter FAN!!!!!!!

  4. Alas this year I am not going to the midnight showing but I will be going tomorrow afternoon/night. I can't wait! I would love a Hedwig myself (I'll just settle for my 3 cats lol). But I would rather have a Diagon Alley - that place is amazing!! I would just love if Harry Potter and Hogwarts were all real :)

    If you have time I hope you can check out my Harry Potter Celebration going on all month long!

    <3 Happy Reading
    Patricia's Particularity

  5. Indeed. I saw the movie ar 10:20 in 3D and it was just awesome. I wanted to see pigwidgeon(in the movie) because if it were in real they are too much but indeed dumbledore and hogwarts.

  6. I just got back from an early viewing event and walked out to see everyone lining up for the midnight show! You will love it; it's a great ending to the saga.

  7. I love this post and I totally "Friday Fave'd" it...and stole the dragon graphic, but it's a magical portkey to your site, so we're cool.

    Ditto on items 1-10, but especially the Weasleys (minus Percy. I'm pretty sure we could do without *him*.) It was so heroic of Percy to take Fred's place like that, so I guess we can't hate him too much. (La dee dah! I love my alternate reality!)

    I wish my cockatiel could carry letters to people. I mean, that would sort of be like having a Hedwig...

  8. I think that your list would probably mirror mine. Except, I would add that darn dining hall at Hogwarts. Hello. Instant dinner and decorations? Yes please!

  9. I do want an Invisibility Cloak and be able to disapparate! Can hardly wait for Saturday afternoon when I'll watch HP7 part 2!!! :)

  10. The wands! I'd so like to have my own (a real, working one)...:)

  11. LOOOOOOOOVE Harry Potter, and I'll add to my list only one thing - one person, to be more exact: Snape. I just love Snape! He makes us so angry, and then so happy and... I just can't explain! Haha

    Geeks & Books

  12. As Neville said so brilliantly in his moment of triumph, Harry lives on in here. *Points to chest* This world has been made real by the fans, and literature is eternal! The movie gave me goosebumps thinking about the enormity of it all!

    Most of all, I want flying brooms to be real! But the thought of an underground world where everyone still writes with quills and wears cloaks and uses words like "Mugwump" is what drew me so thoroughly into the books! It's a different world that I want so desperately to be hiding in London for me!

  13. "In every book, I feel like I'm holding my breath until they get to Hogwarts, and when they finally do, I feel like I've come home."

    SO TRUE! I didn't even realise I do that until you wrote it up there and I thought "OMG that explains my feelings before they step through the gates of Hogwarts!"

  14. Hagrid. A Hagrid roadtrip as we hunt magical creatures would be awesome.

  15. I agree with everybody on this one. I must admit that J.K. Rowling really screwed up my life by making me just wish and hope that harry potter and hogwarts and magic were real. I have actually been depressed the last few nights just thinking and wishing it were all real, and wishing it wasn't the end as I have read the books and watched the movies and visited the World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios. (One thing is real, butterbear!)

  16. Ross,

    I know exactly what you mean! And I haven't had a chance to try butterbeer yet, but I hope to soon! :D


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