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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Book Review: The Giver by Lois Lowry

  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Laurel Leaf (August 1, 1994)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0440219078
  • ISBN-13: 978-0440219071 
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In a world with no poverty, no crime, no sickness and no unemployment, and where every family is happy, 12-year-old Jonas is chosen to be the community's Receiver of Memories. Under the tutelage of the Elders and an old man known as the Giver, he discovers the disturbing truth about his utopian world and struggles against the weight of its hypocrisy. With echoes of Brave New World, in this 1994 Newbery Medal winner, Lowry examines the idea that people might freely choose to give up their humanity in order to create a more stable society. Gradually Jonas learns just how costly this ordered and pain-free society can be, and boldly decides he cannot pay the price. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

 I borrowed The Giver from my cousin after had been recommending it to me for a while. I started it almost immediately when he had sent it to me. The description intrigued me, even though I don’t often read this type of book; I started reading and didn't stop.

My first reaction of the book was that it was a certain robotic feel to it. I don’t mean that the writing didn’t flow well, but that the characters and community of the book was very tight, subdued. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It gave the book a sort of uniqueness. As the story unfolded, this roboticness started to be less and less. The characters started to break free from the government that had held them down for so long, a theme that I very much enjoyed.

This book was a quick read, not something I really liked. I feel like the story could have expanded a lot more, and by the end I wasn’t satisfied in the length.  I would’ve liked it to be longer as to make the story better. This is one of the only things I didn’t like about I The Giver.

In whole, I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I wouldn't say it’s one of the best books, or the most original, but it was pretty good. Recommended for people who liked the in-the-future-but-not-more-advanced-than-the-present feel of the Hunger Games series. 


  1. I liked this book very much. Hated the world he lived in but that's the point I guess what really bugged me though was the ending it left me wondering what in the world happened.

  2. I would just like to point out that when you call the giver "unoriginal," it is actually many distopia fiction novels that FOLLOW it that are, in fact, unoriginal. The giver was published long before the future distopia YA craze came around.

  3. Great review very interesting! i am not a huge fan of distopia but this does sound good..


  4. People say Matched was just a copy of The Giver? What do you think?

  5. I used to love this book when I was younger. It really was one of the first dystopians, along with the awesome Among the Hidden by Haddix, and it's nice to see someone paying homage to the original.


  6. You have a nice review! Here's mine if you don't mind:

    Thanks and have a nice day! =)


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