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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Hunger Games Trailer! (Did you like it?)

For those who missed The Hunger Games clip on the VMA tonight.

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Well....what do you think? I'm reserving judgement. Though I have to say, I saw Jen L. in X-men, and wasn't a fan. But hopefully she'll be amazing.  I'm learning to REALLY lower my expectations when it comes to books-to-movies.  I'm starting to get excited about this one though.  I love hype!

Did you notice Rue's four-note whistle at the end?


  1. It was great but too short.

    Wish that they would have shown a more recognizable part like when all the tributes are riding around in the chariots with their costumes (that would have been cooler.)

  2. I have to agree with your opinions. Jennifer Lawrence hasn't impressed me so far, and neither has this trailer. I am still trying to be open minded about the movie, but after seeing who they cast as Peeta and Gale, my expectations are low.

  3. Definitely not happy with the casting of the main trio but I do love that they realized the importance of Rue's whistle, and placed it there at the end of the first trailer - that's a positive sign.

  4. Whoever has doubts in Jennifer Lawrence should go watch Winter's Bone. X-Men: First Class was fun, but didn't show really show how good an actress she really is. I think she'll do fine in the Hunger Games.
    Wish the trailer wasn't so vague, but glad to see SOMETHING finally. I was a bit worried they were going too Twilighty with the green, green forest and deep voiced dialogue, but all in all a good teaser!

  5. I'm ok with jennifer and I'm not going to pass a judgement until I see the movie. The teaser was very short and very vaague. I wish they'd show us something that would capture everyone's interest not just the ones who are familier with the movie

  6. It was too short. I wanted to see more. Still not happy about the choice for Katniss. Can't believe they chose a swim suit model.... Seriously. She couldn't act as an x-man character... grumble.. Supposed to be average looking...Not even going to go to the casting of the mother and Prim.... Just hoping they keep to the book and don't make it another horror that is twilight.


  7. A lot of people are complaining about this "trailer" failing to realize that it isn't a trailer. It was a sneak peek of the footage and more of a teaser than anything. I have friends who are working on the film and it would be impossible for them to do the chariot scene, considering they JUST filmed it a couple weeks ago and haven't had time to add the CGI to complete that part. We will have a full length trailer soon.

    I understand that a lot of people are upset about the casting, though I am not one of them. Jennifer Lawrence was really amazing in Winter's Bone.


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