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Saturday, August 20, 2011

In My Mailbox 20 & Second Hand Saturday Giveaway!

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Welcome to Second Hand Saturday!!

For this week's challenge, since it's almost back to school time, leave a comment telling us your favorite school memory.  Tweet (blog/facebook/etc) for an extra entry!


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  1. +1 for RT. My favorite school memory is art class where we made some pottery. Not exciting but there it is.

  2. Possess is on my review pile. I need to hurry up and get to it.

    Also, I thought Wolfsbane was MUCH better than Nightshade. Now that you've recommended the audio so highly I think I may have to give it a try. Great IMM!

  3. Well my favorite memory was,when the library for juniors opened up in our school !. I loved going to that library,I was in class 5,it was all new ,with lost of books to read,and I really loved spending time there.I really miss it .

  4. My favorite memory was when I was the reason my English teacher capped the papers, I wrote a 10 paged paper on Hamlet LOL!


  5. My favorite school memory is working on a group video project with my friends where we had to act as some of the characters from different novels we read over the school year and have them interact with each other. It was very fun working together to come up with a story.

  6. I loved my senior year...I remember cheerleading at football games. Wish I could still fit into my uniform=(

  7. The prom and graduation were my favorites! lol

  8. My grade 12 spare, since my best friend Carly and I really bonded there. We discovered we were both avid readers and liked making up stories and would spend the entire spare telling each other about books we'd read while having coffee and a walnut crunch at the nearby cafe.

  9. Mine is singing my national anthem (O Canada) for a school assembly. The best part was I had been caught for skipping class the week before and sent to the office to see the principle. He was going on and on about my singing and the upcoming assembly and just said at the end of the meeting " and make sure you go to class". Good thing I can sing! lol!


  10. My favorite school memory was my graduation party LOL Honestly school was ok but i went to an all girls school and we know how teenage girls can be... so i also enjoyed leaving!

    LMAO andye if blogging doesnt work out for you, you should become a comic your IMM wwas so freaking funny

    melissa @ just one opinion

  11. My favorite school memory was eating lunch with my French 3 class during my junior year. It was the best lunch year ever! We were a very small class and we got very close that year.

  12. My best school memories are of the times in High School when we got out of classes earlier for any reason and we could be outside the school building talking and having fun! =)



  13. My favorite school memory is plays we used to show to our parents in the 2-4th grades. I never played anything greater than a tree or an angel, nor had any great lines, but I liked it all very much. And I had one of the best teachers back then too.

  14. My favorite school memory was being on the drill team and performing at all the football and basketball games! My long legs came in handy for kicking instead of just standing around looking gawky for a change :)

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  15. My favorite memory is when I was chosen for our school's reading tutor program and went into a first grade classroom several times a week to work with a group [normally like five students] on their reading skills. Loved doing that!

  16. My favorite school memory was that always at lunch time, you could always count on your friends and that "one guy" -_^ to always be there and chill. I really enjoyed the break from all the lectures and just joking around in a scheduled daily bases eating junkies w/ your friends lol NOW, you worry about what you eat =P and you have to call on each other to "schedule" on when to hang out. Boo! hahaha

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    SpadesHighReads AT gmail DOT com

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  17. One of my favorite school memories was my Senior English class. The teacher was a former DA, and so the class was based a lot on law. We even got to go on a tour of the state penitentiary!!

    This week, in my mailbox, I got an uncorrected advance proof of The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Chima, and an autographed bookmark of Hunted by DJ DeSmyer.

  18. My favorite school memory was when in my Junior year they gave us off campus lunch. Now, this is a normal occurrence at many schools, but being the smart teenagers we were our first decision was to turn lunch into a competition. Every day at lunch time all the kids who had cars piled as many kids as they could into their car and drove as far away from school as they could get, grab lunch, and be back into for the after lunch class bell. It was major bragging rights to be the person who could get the farthest, without getting a ticket was a bonus. One week, in my old 1986 corrolla with 200,000+ miles on it, I drove the farthest for five school days straight. It was a record that no one else beat that year or my senior year. It is one of my most cherished high school memories.

    I also tweeted:!/TwilightsDance/status/105042384399777792

    Michelle (@OBoyledBooks)

  19. My favorite school memory was getting the first outstanding achievement award in elementary school. Please enter me in contest. I am a follower and email subscriber.

  20. During break and lunch we'd push all the tables to the side and play our own version of Rugby in our classroom, using a bottle of water as the ball :D When the teacher caught us we'd say we were using the space for dance practice! Haha!

    (Blog follower C.S)

  21. Yay! I'm so glad to find someone who wasn't blown away by Nightshade. I actually didn't like Nightshade. I feel there was too much hype for what it was in the end. I've been tossed up about reading Wolfsbane, but you're making me want to give it a go now. Thanks Anyde!

    Hmmmm, my fave school memory has got to be the time we went to the snow. Sure I fell on my butt soooo many times attempting to ski and then spent the majority of the time inside, but it was the best time ever =D

  22. Wow, lots of awesome books in your IMM! :) Ahah, the video was totally hilarious. Great acting^-^ Also, congrats on the 14th anniversary!

    My favorite school memory was when the whole band (including myself) went to the UIL contest. :)


  23. One of my favorite memories was when my writing was read out loud to the class, and the teacher said it was the best one.


  24. My favorite (High) school memory was lunch time. Ha ha, really it was the most fun I had all day, get to talk to friends that weren't in my classes and we would all seat at a table and talk about how much our day rocked/sucked.

  25. I will always remember the time i went to outdoor science school for two weeks with my classmates when i was in the sixth grade. We did a lot of fun group activities such as hiking and archery.

  26. Mine is definitely the random SNOW DAYS! Come on, you know you were excited too :)
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  27. my favourite school memory is when the school library finally had a copy of Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix! I absolutely loved that book! :)

  28. I don't know if there's really one specific moment... but in 9th grade, I had gym class last period with 2 other friends and every day we used to stay late and just talk in the changerooms. Had some pretty good times in there :)



  29. My favourite school memory is when we had a sub, and one of my classmates threw a pencil at his butt. It was fun until he blamed me for it :/

  30. I need to view your vlogs like I need to drink caffeine. lol



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