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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The River of Time Blog Tour

Have you heard of The River of Time Series yet?  Waterfall (book1) has taken the YA blogger world by storm, and a few of Lisa's biggest blogger fans have joined together to do a blog tour for her River of Time series.  Each blog will be offering a COMPLETE set (signed by Lisa if you're in the US) as part of the tour!  Also, if you stop by each of our blogs and leave a comment on our River of Time post, you can enter to win a pair of earrings from Italy on Lisa's blog.  Find out more about that here.  Right now, Waterfall is our Reading Clean Spotlight, and if you haven't entered to win a copy, you should do that now!

Here's a list of participating blogs.  Thanks so much to Mundie Moms for organizing.

August 29: Lisa’s Favorite Scene/Quotes from WATERFALL & CASCADE (Page Turners)
August 30: Character Interview with Marcello–and surprise announcement (YA Bliss)
August 31: Ten Useful Italian Phrases In Case You Hitch a Ride w Gabi & Lia (Gone With the Words)
Sept. 1: How to Make Italian Pizza On Your Gas Grill (Reading Teen) *TORRENT’S Official Release Day!!!*
Sept. 2: 10 Things You Might Not Know About Lisa Bergren (Mundie Moms)
Sept. 3: An Itinerary for the Perfect, Dreamy Week in Tuscany (The Secret Life of a Bibliophile)
Sept. 4: Character Interview with Gabi–and semi-surprise announcement (Eve’s Fan Garden)
Sept. 5: Excerpt from a potential 4th novel (Lisa's site!)


  1. I'm so jazzed about the tour--AND for being picked as your RCS!! Thanks so much for your support. I think the posts for the tour have turned out to be refreshingly fun and unique!

  2. I definitely understand what you mean about taking the YA blogging world by storm. I have seen this series everywhere as of late. The more I see it the more I need to read it. I don't like missing out on the good stuff. My husband just asked me yesterday have you found the next Harry Potter or Twilight yet. I said well I have found some great ones but I don't know that they are quite as popular as those series. Maybe this is the one, only I need to get my hands on it to find out.

  3. I am reading this series SO VERY SOON. I love the covers and the plot synopsis.

  4. Oh, I would have killed to be a part of this! As it is, I cannot wait to read all the cool posts!

  5. Yeah there are a lot of blogs talking about this book/serie and is making me more anxious because I want to read it xD! they look awesome.

  6. I'm excited about this!!
    Check out my ya book blog also Falling For Books


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