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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Seven Realms Week

Ok, guys.....furreal.  I love this series so freaking much, and I just can't stand it that it isn't being talked about by every person/blogger/creature on the planet.  The Seven Realms series is AMAZING, and now is the time to jump on this train. 

This week we are teaming up with the Provo City Library, Emily's Reading Room, and a few other bloggers, to bring you some awesome prizes!

From Emily's Reading Room
First, if you're on Twitter or Facebook, you can use these buttons (below) for your avatar, or put them on your sidebar to show your support.

The Wizards

The Queen's Guard

The Clans

Download one of these pictures and change your twitter or facebook profile picture. Then tweet using the #sevenrealms hashtag. Each time you tweet, you get an entry!
If you're on facebook, comment on the Provo City Library's facebook page, and you'll get an entry. While you're there, be sure to enter their photo contest. 
Or, if you're into puzzles, we've got chances for you to win as well.  Throughout the week, different blogs will be posting their reviews of The Gray Wolf Throne, and their love of The Seven Realms. Each blog will have a different puzzle piece. Put the pieces together, and you'll get the secret word. Once you've discovered the secret word, email it to with the subject SEVEN REALMS WEEK. If you guess correctly, you'll be entered to win.
What can you win???

Thanks to the Provo City Library and Emily's Reading Room, you have the chance to win one of TWO signed copies of the entire Seven Realms Series!  This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL, so make sure you're on the lookout for those puzzle pieces!  You can find ours tomorrow with my review of The Gray Wolf Throne.

Here is the schedule of puzzle piece posts:

Tuesday, September 13: Donna at Bites
Wednesday, September 14: Reading Teen, Emily's Reading Room
Thursday, September 15: One Librarian's Book Reviews
Friday, September 16: Candace's Book Blog


  1. Love this series, and so underrated! So glad you're giving these books some well deserved praise :)

  2. I already told Cinda Williams Chima she destroyed my bookworm life with this series.
    After Gray Wolf Throne nothing is good enough!


    by Livia ana' Olivia. =D

  3. I love the series. Also, they have the best book covers :) I think I'll put the amulet avatar on my twitter :)

  4. the books are awsome.
    i read them first in dutch, because i'm from belgium.
    Butt when i read that i had to wait a half year for translation, i just ordered them online in english.
    and now i can't wait till "the crimson crown"comes out:p


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