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Monday, October 3, 2011

Audio and Book Review: Goliath by Scott Westerfeld

Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 560 pages
Publisher: Simon Pulse (September 20, 2011)
Audio CD
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio; Unabridged edition (September 20, 2011)
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Alek and Deryn are on the last leg of their round-the-world quest to end World War I, reclaim Alek’s throne as prince of Austria, and finally fall in love. The first two objectives are complicated by the fact that their ship, the Leviathan, continues to detour farther away from the heart of the war (and crown). And the love thing would be a lot easier if Alek knew Deryn was a girl. (She has to pose as a boy in order to serve in the British Air Service.) And if they weren’t technically enemies.

The tension thickens as the Leviathan steams toward New York City with a homicidal lunatic on board: secrets suddenly unravel, characters reappear, and nothing is at it seems in this thunderous conclusion to Scott Westerfeld’s brilliant trilogy.

The Audio:

I don't even know if I need to say anything about this, or if, by this time, you all just KNOW how much I love these audiobooks.  They have easily passed up every other audiobook (with the exception of Harry Potter) that I've ever listened to.  Alan Cumming is an amazing reader.  He completely brings this story to life.  I found it interesting that Scott Westerfeld, in his interview with Alan Cumming, said that the only way he can "read" these books is to listen to the audios.  He said that he'd never listened to his own books on audio before (because he felt like he would have to "jump into the speakers and punch people" if they got the voices wrong), but that Alan does such an amazing job that he can actually sit back and enjoy the story all over again.   I am completely amazed by all the fantastic and distinct voices that Alan is able to come up with, and remember throughout the series.  He is amazing, and I just can't recommend them enough.

The Book:

Ok, even though I would absolutely recommend this on audio, I can't discount the fact that you should probably own, or at least look at the book in the library or bookstore.  The illustrations are incredible.  And if you've been following this series, you'll know who this little mischievous creature is.  Too funny!!

So, basically, what can I say?  This book was a perfect ending to a fantastic trilogy.  I couldn't be happier with the whole book and the way it ended.  Goliath absolutely lived up to the other two books, and you won't be disappointed.

I don't want to say too much, because I don't want to spoil anything.  I will say that all my favorite characters make an appearance in this book, and the two Perspicacious Lorises were so hilarious (Mister Sharp)!  I love them so much!  The romantic tension builds in this one, as Alek finally finds out that Deryn is a girl (the daft prince)!  I loved every minute of their relationship and struggle as they tried to figure out how they really felt about each other, and what they could and couldn't do about it.

If you've read the series, check out the audiobooks!  If you've read the first two, go get this one now.  If you've never started the series, what are you waiting for?  With a mix of Steampunk, World War I, Darwinists, Clankers, friendship,  flying whales, secrets, talking message lizards, romance, and two Perspicacious Lorises, this series is one that is sure to please just about everyone.  I just finished Goliath, and I'm ready to start the whole series over again right now!

  • Sexual Content:  Minor
  • Profanity:  Minor
  • Violence:  Moderate
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  1. Every time I read a review of this book it just reconfirms my love of this series, and Mr. Westerfeld. Indescribably awesome!

    Great review -- loved looking at that illustration again.


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