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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#YA Spooktacular: Story 2

Welcome to the first stop of Story 2 for this year's YA Spooktacular, hosted by Wicked Awesome Books and Frenzy of Noise.

This year, there are THREE stories written by some of your favorite authors that will be posted throughout the week. Each story is a choose your adventure, where you get to decide what happens to the character. You can pick up the first one by going to Pure Imagination and you can click on the banner above to see all the info about the event--including all the prizes!

The author starting off today's story is Tessa Gratton!

Tessa Gratton was born in Okinawa, Japan, while her Dad was on duty with the US Navy. She moved around throughout her childhood and traveled even more. She’s lived in Japan, California, Kansas, and England, and visited 4 continents. When Tessa Gratton was a kid, she wanted to be a wizard. Or a paleontologist. Maybe both.She’s neither now, but magic and monsters are still her favorite things. Tessa lives in Kansas where the sunsets are all in Technicolor, with her partner, two cats, and a mutant mutt named Grendel. 

You can find Tessa on Twitter, on her blog, on Goodreads and order her books here!

The lights are off, and from where you stand in the foyer you can just hear the quiet piano music that floats through the walls of the entire house. It creeps down your spine one minor note at a time, and even though you set your iPod on full blast up in the attic and chose this song specifically, it’s still freaking you out a little.

Which is perfect.

It’s your senior year, and everything is ready for this perfect party. Mom and Dad are out until midnight, and cool-beyond-cool, they actually gave you permission to have a bunch of friends over. You’ve got jack-o-lanterns lit on the porch, the dining table full of finger food, though the peeled grapes are still in the fridge because you can’t decide if you’re going down that clich├ęd road. It would make Stace laugh, but Michael Stearne is coming and you have no idea if he’ll think it’s funny or just make that little smile he makes when he’s placating somebody.  You do not want him to ever give you that smile.

There’s a bowl of raspberry and lime punch, too, that is definitely not spiked. But Des is coming, and if he happens to spill in some vodka, which he always does, you’ll be able to honestly tell Mom and Dad you had nothing to do with it. Hopefully, though, he’ll bring Tara so that when he gets smashed, he’ll take her to his car instead of getting grossly flirtatious with you.

Satisfied, you make a final sweep of the house, making sure the cobwebs fall down just right to make people scream, putting the hallway light onto dim so nobody falls down the stairs, and grinning at the splash of fake blood on the mirror in the bathroom. YOU’LL DIE is says in all its gory glory. You shiver at your reflection, and how the E cuts across your face.

Like you thought before, it’s all perfect.

Except that it’s quarter after eight and nobody’s here yet.

Downstairs, you stand in front of the refrigerator, debating again about the grapes. It isn’t like you put out cold pasta for guts or made that brain cake you’d considered. Just as you open the door, there’s a scream. You fling the fridge door shut in surprise.

The phone. It’s your new Halloween ringtone. You put your hand over your heart and can feel it beating. The scream comes again and you laugh at yourself.

You dig your phone out of your pocket and see it’s an unknown number. Whatever, maybe Stace finally got her new phone. “Hey,” you say.

There’s silence on the other end.


“Happy Halloween,” a strange voice says. Male, you think, but you’re not sure because he’s whispering.

“Des, is that you? Cut it out and just get over here.”

“Nobody is coming to your party,” the stranger says, and when he says your name, you drop the phone.

It clatters on the kitchen floor, and you have an urge to kick at it, but it’s your phone. That was just some jerk trying to freak you out, and you aren’t going to let it work.

But your breath is pretty fast and you’re all alone in the house.

The creepy piano music trickles down through the ceiling, reminding you of every scary movie you’ve ever seen – which was the point. You can hear yourself panting, and close your eyes to gulp back fear.

Your phone rings again. The wailing scream makes you close your eyes even tighter.

There’s a knock at the door. Just three, evenly-spaced, echoing ominously through the house.

If you answer the door, then head to The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia
If you answer the phone, then head to Overflowing Shelf

You can win a signed copy of BLOOD MAGIC by Tessa Gratton by clicking Treat picture! Follow along and get chances to win more Treats and Tricks along the way.


  1. I really enjoyed Tessa's story (will definitely have to check out the others). =)

  2. Oooh, I totally enjoyed Tessa's story. This was/is so much fun! :)

    Thank you, so much for the generous giveaway too! I've been DYING to read this book for a while now.

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung

  3. Mary DeBorde [M.A.D.]
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com

    Oh, Tessa's story is great - wonder where all the guests are at? :O

    This is one of the most awesome blog hops ever!! :D

  4. Such a great start, it really makes you get a feel for the setting and know something is wrong.

  5. Ooh, creepy! I like this story.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. nice beginning can't wait for what happens next!!

  7. This is a great start to the story! I feel a little sad for the protag, for she clearly worked hard on the party, and of course, frightened for her.

  8. Good job, I am already creeped out and it is only part 1.

  9. This story is already creepy. I actually don't think I would do either.


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