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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This-n-That: Look what H.F.Ullmann sent me!

Product Details

Cookies—Quick and Easy! Almost no one can resist the scents of cinnamon, vanilla, orange or home-baked cookies. This great new full color cookbook features 30 unique cookie recipes along with ten traditional holiday recipes, all gorgeously illustrated with full-color photography. From hazelnut chocolate to amaretto to simple butter cookies, there are recipes sure to please all! Also included is a very handy cookie cutter that cuts 34 cookies, in six different shapes (hearts, stars, trees, angels, candles, and bells) all in one fell swoop! It's the perfect way to use as much cookie dough as possible, and much less rolling for you! With detailed instructions and tips on baking and decorating, making delicious cookies, both for the holiday and year round, is sure to be fun, fast, and easy!

My thoughts:
As a lot of you probably already know, I absolutely love baking.
I am so excited that H.F.Ullmann sent this Cookie Cookbook to me!
This cookbook comes with one cookie cutter.
Yes one. It's one giant cookie cutter than cuts out 34 cookies.
Genius, right?
I think all cookie cutters should be in one piece.
It would make life and cookie cutting so much easier.
Anyway, I cannot wait to start using all of these recipes during this holiday season!
I am most excited to make the Spekulatius, Lemon-iced gingerbread, 
Chocolate hazelnut and the Pistachio cookies!

Definitely go buy this book!
The cookie cutter is very handy and the recipes are delicious.

Thank You Mr. Rob at 60 Cycle Media :)

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