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Friday, November 25, 2011

Yes, Austin, We Accept Your Challenge!

Eiffel Tower of Bookishness!

So, last Sunday, Austin made this video, stacking books to the ceiling, and challenging us to do the same.  Kit and I took that challenge and owned it!  Check out our Eiffel Tower of Awesome!

Uh......ok, that last part didn't count, right?

Well, oddly enough, another blog took on this challenge, and they THINK their tower is better than ours.  Whatever.  Ok, it totally is.  It's way better.  So much better that I'm embarrassed of our video.  BUT, they don't have Rusty (my dog), so there.

Check out their video here.

Now, the question you have what it takes to beat it?

Andye and Kit
*No books were harmed in the making of this film. Well....not much.....


  1. Very impressive! Oh my goodness, the ending! Ahaha, I hope the books are alright.

  2. But, the question is, did you put Mara Dyer at the very top?

  3. I feel lazy that I am unwilling to do this. Ah, well.

    P.S. My captcha word was unkind. This says something. I don't know of whom.

  4. haha, Melina, no....but I was thinking that I should have put Anna and the French Kiss on top, or in front. :P

  5. That is a tower of awesomeness!!! I'm too scared to do this, in fear I would knock my tower over on myself. LOL My books might get damaged ROFTL

  6. Ah, I actually gasped when the tower fell over. Crazy people! It was like watching the cake challenges on Food Network - the worst is when they drop the cake, hah!

    Anyway, pretty awesome stuff!

  7. I don't even own 100 books unless you count the average 10 I get from the library, then I'd have... 100. But now I'm considering doing this. Love this!

  8. That was so much fun! Your top part was much taller and therefore much more challenging to stack so bravo for getting it to stay as long as you did!

    Thanks for the link!

  9. Both are pretty cool! (watched the video you liked to as well)

  10. I would never be able to do this! Mostly because I would be so afraid that the tower would fall and it would hurt the corners of my books. Lame but true. :P Haha.

  11. AWESOME! :DDD Mine is: <3


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