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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Forbidden Book Club Day 3 #ForbiddenBookClub

It's Day 3 of A Forbidden Book Club and *fans self* I think we're getting a little hot and heavy in here!  Today we're talking about chapters 6-10, so if you're not there yet....hurry and catch up!  I loved all the comments Monday about the book so far, and can't wait to hear what you all have to say about THE DANCE!

SPOILERS AHEAD (don't read if you haven't read chapters 1-10)

The chapter starts with Maya and Lochan walking together while Maya does cartwheels and Lochan laughs at her.  I think this was an awesome way to remind us that they are still kids.  It's hard, with all their responsibilities to remember that they're only children.  They talk about never kissing anyone before.  Lochan says "sometimes...." and I immediately think he wants to say that sometimes he wishes he could kiss Maya, or he wishes they weren't brother and sister. (I'm jaded because I know where it's headed. )

Their mom grows more distant. Staying out all night, spending all her time with her boyfriend, pretending she isn't a mother of five children.  It's too much responsibility for two kids. I hate her so much!!

Kit stays out all night and Lochan goes crazy. Trying to keep control when everything is out of control. He sees himself as a parent, saying, "Parents get Angry with their children, sure....but they don't try to strangle them." I get SO mad at Kit, then have to remind myself that he's just a kid who's been abandoned! Of course their mother didn't care.  It makes me crazy that their mom is absent all week, making Lochan and Maya do all the work, then she just comes back and plays the good mom eating breakfast with them and joking around with them.

It's crazy how Lochan is good looking, so incredibly smart, seemingly talented (good dancer/rhythm) and can still be so insecure.  It just goes to show that the negative is so much more powerful than the positive, and how much being abandoned can affect a child.  It's not surprising that Maya looks at Lochan the way she does when she has no father to fill that void. She's starved for love and fatherly affection.

The dance!!! "I Just forgot, for one insane moment, that Maya was my sister."  WOW....that was....interesting.  I'm just having a hard time thinking of them as brother and sister.  Is anyone else having this problem?

Lochan is tortured by his feelings. She was the one person he could talk to about everything and now he's lost her. Maya's trying to make things better, but only making them worse.  Maya knows what happened (SHE FELT IT! AAAHHH) and is scared she will lose Lochan. She feels like she's always loved him as more than a brother, but can't think like that because they're not sick.

Maya gets asked out by the hottest guy at school. She agrees, but really it's only to show Lochan that she didn't mean anything by dancing with him.  She hopes that this will make Lochan talk to her again, but I have a feeling it's not going to have the affect she is hoping for.....

I'm finding myself wanting them to get together, when I know this isn't the way I'd feel in real life.  I think it's just that I can't see them as siblings.  What do you think?

For Monday, read chapters 11-15.  NO CHEATING!!  Ok, some of you haven't been able to stop, but if that happens, make sure you write down something to mark the chapters, so you remember what to talk about :D  Monday night at 10:00 EST we'll do a live chat on the blog, as that time seems to work with most of you.  I'm having so much fun with this, and love seeing your #ForbiddenBookClub tweets on Twitter!


  1. Ok I stopped at chapter 13 =D so I could... stay with the group! But, omg chapters 6-10 were awesome. I mean MY HEART goes out to Lochan & Maya! Kit is a troubled teen with so many problems, I just feel he dosen't want to be home.. but who would in the situation that they are in. Kit knows exactly what to do to get Lochan all worked up though. Lochan and Maya are the parents! Really. They do everything for these kids and rarely live. Maya is trying to help Lochan make friends, but.. he just really feels uncomfortable in this type of situation. They have to lean on each other so much that they are developing the kind of feelings that you know, we all know are not right... but, they also have to rely on each other in a parent way. A couple. Together. And they are having feelings for each other that they know are not right.. but how can you help loving some one, or having the 'wrong' feelings for them WHEN you are in this type of setting together....? I feel myself wanting to soften up to this Idea. My heart breaks. You can feel what they each feel, and I just... wow. Amazing so far!

  2. It's incredibly easy to forget that Maya & Lochan are siblings because they don't act that way. Their tortured, confused feelings for each other just pour off the page. I despise their mother. And Lochan has this huge struggle with being compared to the father who abandoned him - abandoned the entire family. For his mother to throw that in his FACE! Gah. No wonder he tries so hard to be different. Yet his intellect is his saving grace, too. I think Tabitha Suzuma does an incredible job guiding us readers to not only feel sympathy, but to understand why this "FORBIDDEN" relationship is developing. Arg.
    And that dance! I think they both are just so desperate to feel something - anything - and need an outlet to express love. It sadly "lands" on each other.

  3. I wrote my own blog post about this. Because I just had to get my thoughts out after I finished the chapters!

    (I'm like...way ahead right now...18 maybe)

    I'm an avid supporter of Gay rights. My main argument is, How can we control who we fall in love with? Love is love, right? Well...I've never even considered familial relationships being apart of this category and I'm feeling a little hypocritical. But, a brother and sister relationship is, generally speaking, not OK. But maybe I'm just too narrow minded? Like, since reading this I feel I need to be more open-minded to this kind of stuff.

    And that said, in this book, I'm totally rooting for them. If they can't love others, they might as well love each other. I mean, they are practically a couple anyways.

    I do wonder, what inspired Suzuma to write this book.

  4. I still don't want them to actually hook up. I want Maya to realize that her skimpy dress and always touching him is a bad thing. You can talk and comfort your loved ones without crossing that line. I agree with Loretta that my heart hurts for Lochan. He is obliviously doing the right thing here by pushing her away and staying to himself when he knows what being close to Maya may entail. I think the chapter in which Maya accepts the date and admits that it's partly to make Lochan jealous and that she was flattered by his arousal, this to me proves that she does realize what is happening here. And instead of doing the smart thing and staying away from Lochan for awhile she goes into his room in that flimsy "pajamas" she keeps wearing. She knows exactly what she's doing, and she knows it's wrong. "we're not sick"

  5. Boy, were these chapters hard to take emotionally. I really, really still don't like the mother, but I'm getting the felling I'm not ever going to, and I am fine with it. On the other hand, I don't want that to be the excuse for knowing what happens in the end between Lochan and Maya. The choice was theirs to make or not make, right? I guess we will see.

    Man, I almost hate knowing what we know. I really can't imagine someone randomly just picking up this book and starting to reading without knowing what is going to happen. Imagine the shock!

    I'm pretty sure I agree with everyone that Kit is being a typically 13 year old, and he is testing the limits of what he can and can't do. He is not the two younger ones and not the two older, responsible ones, so he is kind of just left in the middle, where it sucks. 13 is a brutal time, and adding to it the conflicts we are reading about, I am not really surprised at the fighting and expect more and even worse to happen. As much as I just want him to grow up and stop being a jerk, it's not going to happen yet.

    The dance...well, it begins. We knew it had to happen sometime, right? I kept reading with my eyes kind of squinting, my nose scrunched up, my lips pursed to the side, but I did it. It gets to me that I feel for Lochan and Maya. Oh, I want them to be happy, but it's wrong! They know it, I know it, and you know it...oh, man, I almost don't want to keep reading! It's like know a train wreck is going to happen, and I can't stop it.

  6. I'm not reading this book but that's why I'm glad this book club is happening, this way I don't have to read it to know what's happening. Thanks for having the guts I clearly don't! :D

    I did read some reviews which stated exactly what you're saying - that it was hard to see them as siblings when they're behaving as parents. It's hard to see them as brother and sister when the author, by the look of it, ISN'T exactly reminding you that they share blood. Instead it seems as though they're being presented to you as two independent people who have been placed in this situation for so long they've begun to care for each other, as two non-relatives would.

    When we think incest we immediately think of a brother and sister who have grown up being very aware of the lines not to cross. But looking at the comments of Maya wearing flimsy nightwear and saying yes to a date to make Lochan jealous... Well, that isn't exactly normal sisterly behaviour is it? As characters they're clearly put in an awkward place that will lead them to break those rules.
    But to be honest as a reader I don't think you guys can even count this book as being about a brother and sister now, not when so much of it is treating them as anything but that.

    Those are my thoughts! I know I can only say so much, not reading the book as you are, but I thought I'd leave a comment anyway ;)

  7. I am torn right now. I don't see them as brother and sister by the way they act but I know they are so I don't want them to get together. But at the same time I do. Lol. It's terrible!

    I hate their mother and at times I hate Kit but I know it isn't his fault. He just gets on my nerves because he can't see how much Lochan and Maya care for him. Instead he just pushes them further away. He is also ruining things for the younger kids which I hate. They are so innocent and they don't deserve the life they were given. Lochan and Maya try to make it as good as they can but Kit keeps making it worse.

    I'm nervous to keep going but I will not give up. Can't wait for the chat on Monday!

  8. I feel like I'm going back and forth between all of your thoughts. Sometimes I find myself thinking, if they're in love, then why is that so wrong? They should be able to be together. Then I flip and think, no, it's wrong. The thing is, that it's easy to say, they're in love with each other, they should be together if that's what they want. But living life in a world with other people has to be about more than just what makes you happy. Sometimes you have to do what's best for others, not just yourself. And honestly, what's best for others usually ends up being what's best for yourself as well. If it was as simple as them just being together, and not hurting anyone, then that might be different, but there's a reason that it's "wrong" and in most cases illegal. Children born of incest are at a higher risk of mental handicap (though the stats on this vary, and I think it's worse with second generation incest). Not to mention the stigma that will be placed on their family, including their younger siblings.

    Then again, they're kids with absolutely NO guidance, so how can they be expected to make responsible choices. Especially when they're already giving up their entire lives to be responsible.

    Hear me arguing with myself???'s certainly making me think! That's for sure.

  9. Andye, you make some great arguments (even though they are to yourself)

    But, if they don't ever procreate, then is it still wrong? I mean, yes I could NEVER even THINK about either of my brothers like that, but if they are truly in love, then how is it harming the general public? If no one ever knew they were siblings, and they decided to never have kids, is it still wrong? (if a tree fell in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?)

    However, thinking about this fictionally vs thinking about it in reality is different for me. I actually had a friend who ended up marrying her cousin. She didn't even know they were related until she was already prego with her first kid. Then they went to a family reunion and her dad was all, "Um, hey! That's your cousin!" Oops.

    They now have 4 perfectly healthy kids together.

    (It's also a lesson in knowing your clan members (apparently) when you are native)

  10. Dani, yeah, I was thinking the same thing. What if they never had kids, then what? And along those lines, are we going to keep any two people who have incompatible genes from getting together? I know a couple that had perfectly fine eyesight, but all three of their children are blind. Something about the two of them together made that an almost certainty, should they not be able to be together.

    It's funny, this used to be a perfectly acceptable thing, and in some situations, like in monarchies, expected to keep the bloodline pure. Of course that's where they learned the pitfalls of inbreeding. ANYWAY! I guess I'm also thinking about the social ramifications that it would have on the little kids, after all they've had to deal with. Plus....I have a brother!! EWE! And I have a son and daughter who are 19 mos apart. I think that's when it gets really hard for me to think about.

    Still pondering.....

  11. sorry Im late getting here. Yesterday completely skip my mind.

    Ok some of you know (dont hate) that I already finished reading the entire book. I just could not put the book down. I cant waittill we are all done and can chat about the full content in the book.

    Ok moving on to comment about chpt 5-10. I HATE their mother, this women needs to get hit by a bus or something. Maybe someone capture her and stick her in a dungeon and leave her there for ever. Why would you have 5 children and not care a ounce about them. Seriously how important can a man be that you abandon your children you carried for 9 months. Even if that man's you know what is made out of gold I would never do that to any of my kids. BAH!!!

    The "Dance" OMG how crazy romantic was that. I honestly block out mentally that these were siblings. Its just so difficult to think of both things at once. I see them as siblings when they deal with all the family stuff, cooking, cleaning and so on. Once they pass that I loose focus on siblings and they just become young people in love. With all that negativity and word they have to deal with, its like I applaud these moments for them , that they can feel happy.

    Is that crazy?

    On to the brother, this little kid poor thing but he needs a good reality check. He needs to understand what his siblings are doing so they dont end up floating around in the system.

    Tabitha just writes so realistic but in a way you can follow and accept what your reading.

    ok so those are my 2 cents!!!

  12. I'm finally here! Just got caught up to chapter 10...

    I despise the mother, I in no way sympathize with her petty reasons for abandoning her children and acting like she does!

    I feel for Kit! Yes, he needs a reality check, like Yara said, but, he's a damaged abandoned 13 year old! Poor kid hasn't even developed his frontal lobe yet! He's acting out and I can see why.

    As for the dance and all the feelings and actions that followed. I wish I could be like most of you and shut off in my mind that they are brother and sister...I can't. I cringe when I read. I don't look forward to this relationship progressing. I don't feel the "they should love each other if they love each other". They're brother and sister. They are muddling their feelings because they are damaged children who have been abandoned and have grabbed on to the only people in their lives who have been there. They will never have healthy productive relationships in life if they don't move past this before it gets started.

    That's just my two-cents....

  13. OMG this book & these past chapters are crazy! Come on monday! I have discussion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Ahhhh*

  14. I was just thinking about these chapters a little more and I wanted to add the following: How incredibly messed up and out of control is Lochan if he's physically choking Kit? I know Lochan was furious and worried about Kit leaving the house and then acting like it was no big deal to come in at 4 AM, and I also know that Kit took the first shot at Lochan when Kit was angry with the way he was being treated - BUT STILL! The scenes on pages 96-103 show that Lochan is completely losing control of his emotions and himself physically. (If his anger is hard to control, can't that line get blurred when it comes to "love"?)There is such incredible rage and inappropriate behavior connected to Lochan, that I can't help but see how other boundaries could get confused and crossed. To choke Kit to the point where he ends up retching? What if Maya hadn't been there to stop Lochan? Sadly, the only one who can calm Lochan down is Maya. It's definitely to the point where Lochan can't function well without her. This is so unhealthy!

  15. I guess I'm having a hard time seeing them as brother and sister. I guess because we only ever see them together when they are at the house it makes it feel like they have two separate lives during the day time hours. This is often making it feel like they are not related to one another.

    It was great to see the two of them dancing. Of course this causes Lochie to start to fall apart which is a bad thing but Tabitha write Lochie's voice in such an incredible way.

    I love the writing, the characters, and the romance, even if the romance is ...forbidden. :)

  16. I'm a little behind...but catching up! I am having a hard time picturing them as brother and sister. But I am not to the point that I think a relationship between them would be ok. I guess I am waiting for that point just because of what I had heard from other people.

    I feel really bad for Lochan. He really needs to break out of his shell, and I honestly think that all of his responsibilities are partly why he can't. I understand why he would pick a close college so that he could still take care of his family. However, I think he really needs to get away. I think he could really grow if he was out on his own. Things will work out at home. Someone else will take more responsibility. Kit has been a complete jerk, but he has pretty much been abandoned by his mother and has the right to be mad. I think Kit does care for his family though, and would step up to the plate if he had to.


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