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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Forbidden Book Club Day 5 #ForbiddenBookClub

Welcome to Day 5 of the Forbidden Book Club!! The following is for those who have read chapters 1-20 of Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. There will be spoilers up to that chapter, so do not read if you haven't read that far in the book!!
Chapters 16-20:

Wow....descriptive. That may have been one of the most descriptive scenes I've read in YA.....

Lochan and Maya are alone and Maya goes "too far" (as if that hasn't already happened) for Lochan and he freaks out, saying horrible things to her. Calling her sick. She tries to understand what happened but he finally pushes her so far that she tells him she doesn't love him anymore.

Lochan has a complete and total breakdown at school. His panic attack then makes Maya tell him that she didn't mean what she said. They talk about how they can be together, but not have sex because it's illegal and the kids would be taken away. I'm glad they're at least thinking about the kids and what this will do to them. "There are no laws, no boundaries, on feelings. We can love each other as much and as deeply as we want. No one can ever take that away from us."

Tiffin seems to be taking the path of Kit, and Willa is feeling neglected by Maya. It's funny that Maya feels like she's responsible for spending time with the kids and listening to their problem, and so do they. She has completely replaced their mother. Lochan and Maya skip out of school early. They go to the park and spend the day together kissing. Lochan starts feeling upset, saying he knows this can't last. "But it's the whole world. How can we make it against the whole world?" Seems like a constant cycle of getting together, feeling bad, splitting up, something scary happening making them get back together, repeat.

They're so scared of being found out that they won't even sit together at school. "Whenever I'm away from Maya, I feel incomplete....less than incomplete. I feel like I'm nothing, like I don't exist at all." Their relationship wouldn't be good even if they weren't related. They're so co-dependent it's so unhealthy. It makes you never hear about an incestuous relationship that started in a healthy environment.....

The mother....ugh! She's basically deserting them completely. Telling Lochan she never wanted all these children, basically blaming him for all her problems. Willa gets hurt "falling" off the counter and dislocating her shoulder. I'm really starting to worry and wonder about Lochan's temper. First the incident with Kit, choking him, then his verbal outburst at Maya, calling her names, and now pulling Willa so hard she slips off the counter. I'm afraid that he's about to really lose it. I just wish there was someone who could help these kids! What kind of man is he going to grow up to be? Or any of them really?

I have a hard time thinking of them as brother and sister, and I find myself wanting that, so that I can just enjoy the tension of their relationship, but then I think, I'm losing the whole point of this book. If they aren't brother and sister, there is no tension. I'm taking the easy way out, and not letting myself actually struggle with the questions this book poses. What do I believe? Is their relationship ok, or not?

What are your thoughts?

Ok, for next week, we're going to go ahead and read chapters 21-26 plus the Epilogue. It's a little bit more reading, but I'm going to give you a week to finish, since we have Christmas happening in here! :D I really enjoyed the live chat on Monday, and I'm looking forward to it again. Can everyone make a chat on next Thursday night at 10:00 EST? Let me know how that works for you!

Also, we decided at the chat, that we loved this book club so much, that we're going to continue it! We've decided to make it a traveling book club, and to keep the name Forbidden Book Club, because it sounds devious...haha. So, if you'd like to continue with us, you can vote on which book we read next on the sidebar>>>>>(if you can't see the text, just highlight it, I'm not sure what's wrong with it). If you have other suggestions, leave them in the comments, and I'll add them next time. Next month, Yara, from Once Upon a Twilight has agreed to host. After that, we'll have a sign up, and just go in order of who signs up! I'm really excited!
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  1. I'm kind of doing the same thing you are. I just forget that they happen to be brother and sister and just imagine them as two regular people. Even then though their relationship is all wrong. They really need to focus on getting lives away from each other and their family. It is unhealthy how much they rely on each other. Maya passing out and falling down the stairs, Lochan with his panic attack, those things just aren't normal. I think things would be better for them if they maybe had friends other than each other. They just need time away from each other.

    I look forward to finishing the book and seeing what happens. And I am definitely up for another chat and another book club next month.

  2. I agree that I'm getting a little tired of the getting together, Lochan freaking out, the yelling, the breakup, and the getting back together every other chapter. The writing and characters are strong but these chapters just seemed to be a record on repeat, it was fluff and could have been taken out.

    I still think the book is great and that it sends a powerful message. My favorite line of the book so far is "We can love each other." I swallow hard to ease the constriction in my throat. "There are no laws, no boundaries, on feelings. We can love each other as much and as deeply as we want. No one, Maya, non one can ever take that away from us." -pg. 276

    At the end of the day this is what this novel is about. I look forward to the chat on Thursday and to the future of the book club. :)

    Happy holidays everyone!

  3. I'm pretty sure it gets a bit more "descriptive". From what I can tell, you haven't gotten to the worse yet.. Dun Dun DUN!!!!! Haha, not saying anything. (and don't read too far into that sound effect - I was just being dramatic).

  4. Alexa; That is my FAV quote!!

    Yes, the repetitiveness in the chapters is something annoying. The book is good. Beautifully written. & yes, those were some very descriptive chapters... *_* what the heck.

    Cannot wait to chat again with you ladies.


  5. Lochan is so out of control and only seems to be in control why Maya is with him. This relationship is so unhealthy, and though these YA recognize their relationship is "wrong" it's just so frustrating that there is no one who has ever been there for them, to support them, care for them, nurture them. If there had been, this incestuous relationship never would have happened. I hope that this might be a help for teens who are in trouble in their own families. That this would be a HUGE eye-opener. The question is, where or to whom would they for help? So far all the adults are failing these kids.

  6. Loretta: I'm glad you like the quote I put up. It really sums up the 330 pages I've read so far :)

    Everyone keeps talking about how this relationship is unhealthy and they need help and support. This novel is about so much more than that. Yes, brother and sister relationships are illegal, blah blah blah. Who really cares about that!? The point is not necessarily the legality of the relationship, it is there to proclaim that love takes many forms. One never knows who they are going to fall in love with! As Lochan stated, love has no boundaries, no one can tell you who to love and that loving a certain person is wrong. People decide for themselves who to love and why.

  7. These chapters just brought us more of the same, Lochan and Maya both look longingly at each other, the “kiss me, no do not kiss me,” and their mother leaving them to fend for themselves. On one hand, yes, your lives kind of suck and you think you are in love with each other, but on the other, you are brother and sister! I still cannot get this out of my mind when I am reading this. I know some can, but I never forget this fact. It is hard to do so when either Lochan or Maya keeps bringing up how one day they will be able to be together without their siblings and be able to be exactly what they desire to be with each other. I feel as if these kids are just that: kids. The juvenile pity party Maya throws in the cemetery and the panic attack Lochan has at school are just two ways of showing they cannot really handle what is happening between them. To honestly believe one day they will just be able to run away, create new identities, and live happily ever after together, forever in love is very na├»ve. As a reader, you hurt for the two because you want them to be happy, but just not this way. We know this is not going to turn out well, and with only a few more chapters left, I am just waiting for something horrific to happen. I really do not see this story having a happy ending.

  8. Alexa- Ha, I quoted the same thing ^^ It obviously hit us both!!

    Joy- I agree...I don't see how this could possibly end well. I'm dreading the ending.

    Britta.....oh my.....hahaha

  9. I was so excited when Maya told Lochie she didn't love him anymore. I thought maybe that this book could have an ending that would make sense to me. But I have a feeling that I am not going to like it. I am determined to finish it though!

    I honestly think that if they didn't have to worry about the kids being taken away, nothing would stop these two. And I think it would end up in a bunch of mistakes that they would regret later. I just don't see them being soul mates. I think they need other people in their life, and the lack of other people in their life is making them turn to each other.
    This part was kind of annoying. I hated all of the back and forth. It makes sense, but it drove me nuts.

  10. I do agree with the fact that they are way too codependent. But, that's how YA relationships are. (Edwards went to Italy to kill himself because he 'couldn't' be with Bella/Bella began doing stupid stuff bc she couldn't be with Edward)

    And I also worry about Lochan's temper. I identify with it, I can see the pieces falling...but to pull Willa off the counter, even if it was an accident...he still freaks out at Maya a lot and he choked Kit.

    I'm not too sure what England is like, but I get the feeling there isn't a lot of support there. In the US we have so many hotlines you can call anonymously if you are feeling depressed, suicidal, maybe even incestuous. Do they have those there?

    and I have to say, I get more eeked out by Lochan's blister he keeps chewing than I do with the descriptive scenes. Blech!

  11. I had a point in this section where it rang so true to me. I agree with the angst in YA books, but for some teens their lives are dramatic, not understanding what is happening to them emotionally. During one point in the reading, I flashed back upon my own teenage years and that heartbreak I felt when I argued with a boyfriend, that feeling of falling and panic that despair that you have nobody to turn to, even though there were people out there willing to help. I felt this way in my life a couple of times and didn't want to reach for help, I wanted to feel the despair and reach out to that person that I felt would make it all better, who also was the one causing the pain,
    I have realized at this point they are going to see this decision through, it's going to be hard to watch, but at this point I am hoping for things to work out somehow in the end, either they find the love they desire in others, or that they make this work. I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen.

  12. Well...I finished the book. I'll save my final thoughts if there is another post, but I feel so bad for Lochan. I really do. I agree that if the parent hadn't been such a tool, none of this would have happened. These two characters are playing house and have grown up with completely different situations than the norm. How can you fault them for looking for love and someone safe and finding each other in this particular scenario? Who else do the they think they can trust? No one. So, where do you turn? It's something we can't comprehend so I don't feel icked out after reading this, but more just totally sad. I completely blame the parents for putting their kids in this situation. I feel so sorry for the kids and unfortunate their coping mechanism has turned out. It's a messed up situation from the get go so I'm not surprised at the messed up outcome.

    I like this author'w writing style though and she can tell a story. I just wished I didn't feel so depressed now. lol I have to go read a feel good book. Man, I'm just sad. :( I can't say I'm going to recommend this one to most readers though.

  13. Is today your final book club day for FORBIDDEN? If so and if you are planning a group chat I would be happy to take part and answer any questions (if you can let me know what time you're having it and how to join in). Bear in mind though I'm in the UK and so 5 hours ahead!


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