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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Forbidden Book Club Day 6 #ForbiddenBookClub

It's day 6, our final day of The Forbidden Book Club.  If you haven't read Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma, DO NOT READ this post.  It is full of major spoilers!!!  Seriously!!  For everyone else, I've had such a great time doing this, and I'm so glad we've decided to continue with other books!  This was a TOUGH end to a TOUGH book.  Can't wait to see what you have to say.

Chapters 21-Epilogue:

Lochan and Maya spend the night together "only touching". It's funny how people in love/lust can delude themselves. All I can think is, there's no way this is going to stop here.  At some point they're going to go too far.  They continue pretending during the day, and saving the nights for each other.  Secretly sleeping in Maya's room.

The next few chapters were my favorites to read.  The calm before the storm, you could say.  The children seem like they are really learning how to live together and take care of each other.  The five of them played "British Bulldog" and other games.  Even Kit has joined in the fun, and seems to be letting himself be a kid again.  And to love Lochan and Maya again. 
"We no longer expect anything from mum, so we are no longer disappointed." Maya and Lochan have truly become the parents.  "As a family we are now complete."  I think this is such a sad statement, but the best they can hope for.  I hate that they have such a heartless, cruel, selfish mother, but I'm glad that they have been able to take care of each other.  

Lochan is getting some confidence. He's actually made a friend at school, and read in front of the class. He and Maya talk about themselves and why they fell in love, and would they have if they didn't have neglectful parents.  Talk about insightful.  I love that they actually had the conversation with each other that we've been having about them!  Would they have fallen in love if they had normal parents?  I tend to think not.  That they have come to be so reliant and codependent because of the situation they're in.  If they had normal parents, they probably would have felt like and fought like normal brother and sister.  But there's no way to know!

More family time which I love. Karaoke. Kit coming around. Maya and Lochan wishing for more time together.  This was the part where I wished so much that Lochan and Maya could see that if they continue down this path, only bad things would happen.  Whether or not it's fair or right, what they're doing is illegal, and if they break the law, it will have such a huge impact on not only them, but also their siblings.  Yes, it sucks to have to stay away from the person you think you're in love with, but sometimes you have to think of more than just yourself.

Kit goes off to "camp" and Willa and Tiffin go to stay the night with a friend.  Maya and Lochan have the whole day alone.  Following was the most graphic sex scene I've ever read in YA, by far.  Wow, wow, wow.  I guess if you're going to conquer such a controversial subject, you might as well go all the way (so to speak). I knew this was going to happen, but I can't believe they did it!!!!  How could Lochan take such a risk?  Even if they weren't brother and sister, isn't 16 under the legal consent age?  It is in the US, not sure about the UK. 

OMG their Mom finds them, and Locan takes the blame, Maya's in shock and Kit ends up being the one who told on them. Poor Kit!!!!  That scene where he's running after the police car broke my heart to pieces!  Lochan tries to convince the police that he raped Maya, and of course Maya won't say that.  Lochan believes the only way he can save his family is to kill himself.  I seriously did NOT see this coming.  I know I should have, I'm normally pretty perceptive, but I actually thought he was going to escape and disappear for the rest of his life.  *face palm*  

Maya then contemplates killing herself.  I have to say, I am so glad she decided not to do it.  While Lochan's suicide (though totally unnecessary) was to save his family, Maya's suicide would have been to save herself.  

As the story ends, and Maya and Kit are swinging Willa between them, all I can think is that we're leaving them right where we started.  Only now a 13 year old is the father instead of an 18 year old.  I'm not saying that Maya and Kit will develop those feelings for each other, but how horrible is it that 16 year old Maya and 13 year old Kit are now responsible for two little children.....indefinitely?  
This was just such a heart breaking and tragic story, and I still don't know how I feel about the whole thing.  I have so many thoughts, I could go on and on.  I guess it's good we're having a chat!  Tabitha has asked to join our chat tonight, so we'll be starting a little early.  We'll meet here on the blog at 9:00 EST.  Tabitha will join us until 10:00, then we can chat some more after she heads off to bed (it's 5 hours later in the UK).  I've had so much fun doing this, guys!  Thank you so much for all your support and chatting and for taking the plunge with me.  This has reminded me how much fun reading can be when you have friends to do it with!  See you tonight!


  1. This really was such a heartbreaking storyline in the end. I didn't see Lochan killing himself either. I also just went right along with him using the sheet in order to escape jail, but duh, people don't just escape jail with some bed sheet rope. I should have seen it coming but even as I was reading the lines I thought I was mistaken. It was so terrible to watch Lochan kill himself for the sake of Maya and his family. I guess what he did was what needed to be done in order to keep everyone safe. After all Maya does need to be there to raise the kids.

    I know you said that Kit would be raising the kids with Maya but I don't really see that. I see Maya being the one in charge of the kids, plus once Maya is a year or so older the two younger ones will be able to better take care of themselves. It is a tragic situation but in the end there is a little bit of light.

    I know you think that they should have just let their love die. As you put it "they should just stay away from the person they think they are in love with" I don't believe that they only "thought" they were in love, I believe that they were in love. There is a big difference there. I know everyone wants to hide from the truth of this novel, maybe you saying they only fashion or think themselves in love helps you to get over the fact that they are brother and sister. However, I believe their love was real, not something they fashioned themselves into like most pathetic teen stories that are out today. Lochan and Maya are not the dumb and dull boring characters that 'fall in love' in most YA, their love was actually there, and for good reasons, even if they were twisted reasons.

    To say that they weren't in love just ruins the power of this story. You might as well just throw the book out the window as you are driving down the highway if you don't think they were in love.

    The story is tragic but it is worth reading.

  2. Andye, I was right along with your statements. I had the same thought about Kit and Maya being the ones to hold things together for the little ones. I don't see Maya having those feelings for Kit since she said a couple of times she could never think of him that way. They had formed that bother/sister relationship if not surrogate mother feelings too. the age and situation with Lochan was different.

    Yep, I felt HORRILBE after finishing this book. This whole book I felt so bad for Lochan. I don't know why but I was never concerned for Maya. She seems tough and her decision in the end solidifies that for me. But Lochan just seemed so lost from the get-go.

    All in all, I liked the writing and I do think the author can weave a great story however tragic. But, I don't want to touch another sad gut wrenching book like this one for a long time. haha

  3. I still don't understand Lochan's and Maya's relationship. I don't really understand why they decided it was ok. I was very heartbroken at the end of this story though. Lochan didn't have to kill himself, but he did it for his family. I am glad Maya didn't kill herself too, because that really would have been unnecessary. Although I am sad about Lochan killing himself, I am happy that their relationship cannot continue ever again. If Lochan had done time for rape, I wonder if they would start right where they left off when he gets out.

    The sad thing is that the mother is not going to try to be a bigger part of her kids' lives, even though all of this happened. She is shocked, but still won't care enough to be there for them.

    This was not my favorite book to read, but I am glad that I participated in this book club!

  4. Unfortunately I don't have much time to comment in detail. Forbidden most definitely is an intense novel. Powerful, emotional. I feel like I was a witness to self-destruction within the framework of "love," twisted and real and painful brought on by dire circumstances. One thing thing that I feel is critical that I hope future editions of this book will have is resources for YA to turn to in case they're in a similar position. Lochan and Maya felt like they had no one to turn to - but I don't want others to feel this way.

  5. I have to agree with everything you said Andye. One thing that I came away with reading the book and especially with being able to chat with several people about the content of the book is that I am walking away with a firmer belief system. I know now my true feelings re: incest. I am more aware now (esp through googling it) what laws are, how every relationship is different due to circumstances and that every relationship is not the same. I am not saying whether I believe any of this is right or wrong, but now I know myself a little bit better.
    And for some reason I took from this story to be nicer to people. You never know what they are going through and everybody has a bad day (I am mostly saying this as Lochan's schoolmates treated him, but they had no clue what he was experiencing at home). I only wonder if such a story could be told without so much detailed sexual scenes. I am always very sensitive when it comes to sex in YA and not sure if the explicit details were needed to portray the story.
    Thanks for the great learning experience here girls, it was fun and I really don't think I would have made it through the book otherwise, this was a difficult and emotional read, in the end I am glad I learned something from it.

  6. Alexa, I love your comments because they're so passionate, and they spark such a debate with me! :D

    I have a lot of reasons for using the language I did. I'll try to explain two of them:

    1. Saying they think they're in love, doesn't mean they're not in love, it just leaves it open for debate. The bottom line is, I don't really know whether they were or not. I don't think they're relationship was shallow, I'm just not convinced it was real love either, because...

    2. If you really and truly love someone, you put their needs and welfare above your own lustful desires, and neither of them did that. They both knew what would happen to each other if they were caught, but were so wrapped up in their own wants and desires that they turned their backs on what they knew to be right, healthy, legal, socially acceptable and in the other's best interest, just so their lust could be fulfilled. That, to me, is not love, it is selfishness.

    There's a reason that this kind of thing almost never happens, especially when two siblings have actually grown up together. It's because it's not biologically beneficial to our species. Therefore, the whole basis of their relationship is faulty. I don't think it's fair to compare this to gay couples, or any other situation because it's just not the same. How far are you willing to go with that line of thinking. What if a 30 year old and an 11 year old girl (or boy) decide they're in love. Who are we to say otherwise? What if a man decides he and his pet monkey were made for each other? I know most will think that's absurd, but I can make decent arguments for both.

    I think what it comes down to is that in our society we keep getting more and more selfish, consumed with what we deserve, what our rights are, what we want, that we forget to think about our society as a whole, and what's best for everyone. I think that's obvious in SO many aspects of our culture. And in the end I think it will come back to haunt us.

  7. Andye everything you pretty much wrote I agree with. I didn't see the end coming either, I honest to god thought he was going to try and escape. my heart fell to the ground when he did what he did. If I was his brother, I would carry such horrible guilt for the rest of my life. No matter what Will did what he did to get back at them because of the stupid field trip and look what all that caused in turned.

    I am glad she decided to not kill herself and try and saved what is left of the family. i hope and pray in my mind that the same thing will not happen with Will and Maya though. I feel that all this has taught them to be very strong adults in the future and they will make wonderful husbands or wives. I MUST think positive after such a heartache of a book.

    Forbidden has become one of my TOP Fave books of 2011 and Im so glad we started this and it help break the ice and the taboo of not reading such a book.

    Im very excited for tonight's chat with Tabitha!!!! See you all tonight

    PS: Cant wait to host the next book on the blog!!!! Im hope I can live up to how great Andye did it here.

  8. Andye- I'm glad you like my comments, they are full of my opinions, I'm not one to censor what I think and feel. I hope my comments were not too harsh or rude.

    I understand that you think the characters are being selfish but don't you think they deserved to be a little selfish? After all both of them were dealing with practically being a parent at a very young age. I feel that they both deserved a chance at doing something that was entirely for themselves. All day and night both of them would run around and do everything for the family, everything for the three younger kids. Any person would feel that pressure and need to do something for themselves. I'm sure you need a break from your kids every once in a while and you probably indulge in a paid massage or a trip to the bookstore to feed your habit. We all need time to ourselves and Maya and Lochan just decided that their time was with their love. Sure some can call this selfish but I feel they deserved this break from normal life.

    At the end of the day I know that they are not a gay couple but I feel the message of this book rings true. Everyone deserves to love whoever it is that they love. Yes, sometimes that even means that a 40 year old teacher falls in love with a 16 year old student. Not saying it is pretty but it is out there. One can not always think of what to do for their society, sometimes one has to do what is right for themselves.

    Thank you for replying to me :)

  9. Sorry about the chat last night - my boyfriend was sick (he's going through a rough time at the moment) and so needed some TLC. Andye then suggested Monday which I agreed to but have just found out that I'm going to be away all of next week... I'm actually free for the next few hours and still just about awake so if anyone is up for a chat at 2 or 3 EST, give me a shout (or email me at :)

  10. Sorry I'm a bit late! I just finished the book last night. I was ahead and so I stopped so everyone would catch up and then I got wrapped up with my new christmas toys.

    Anyways, towards the middle-ish I thought it would have a romeo/juliet ending, but I had truly hoped it would have a happy ending. I didn't see it ending the way it did and as I read it I just felt so overwhelmed and sorry for everyone.

    Can you imagine the guilt Kit will feel for the rest of his life because of it? And as Maya was contemplating her own, all I could think about was Kit. How it would affect him. I cried so bad though it was hard for me to read the pages!

    Afterwards I laid on my living room floor with my dog and felt heart broken for this family. The fact that the mom was only there to make sure maya would continue to take care of the kids just pissed me off to no end.

    I loved this book. I wish I could recommend it to more people. The people I do talk to about it wrinkle their noses and say "gross". But it is such a powerful, well-written story I feel like it should be read more.

    This isn't the "OMG you're so hot and dangerous and I want wtf" love in most YA, this is truly forbidden love. Love that they both fought to overcome and couldn't.

    However, I guess I just don't see these characters as being teenagers. My younger brother is 17 and I can't even imagine him having deep feelings for anything other than pot or Call of Duty. I can't imagine him in a relationship, let alone a controversial one. It's just so young in my eyes now that I'm older (22). I don't know.

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