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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Gray Wolf Throne by Cinda Williams Chima: Book & Audiobook Review

The Seven Realms Series, Book #3
Han Alister thought he had already lost everyone he loved. But when he finds his friend Rebecca Morley near death in the Spirit Mountains, Han knows that nothing matters more than saving her. The costs of his efforts are steep, but nothing can prepare him for what he soon discovers: the beautiful, mysterious girl he knew as Rebecca is none other than Raisa ana’Marianna, heir to the Queendom of the Fells. Han is hurt and betrayed. He knows he has no future with a blueblood. And, as far as he’s concerned, the princess’s family killed his own mother and sister. But if Han is to fulfill his end of an old bargain, he must do everything in his power to see Raisa crowned queen.

Meanwhile, some people will stop at nothing to prevent Raisa from ascending. With each attempt on her life, she wonders how long it will be before her enemies succeed. Her heart tells her that the thief-turned-wizard Han Alister can be trusted. She wants to believe it—he’s saved her life more than once. But with danger coming at her from every direction, Raisa can only rely on her wits and her iron-hard will to survive—and even that might not be enough.

The Gray Wolf Throne is an epic tale of fierce loyalty, unbearable sacrifice, and the heartless hand of fate.

Audible Audio Edition
Listening Length: 14 hours and 59 minutes
Program Type: Audiobook
Version: Unabridged
Publisher: Recorded Books
Reader:  Carol Monda Release Date: October 3, 2011
Buy/Rent the audio:  CDs , Audible

There are not enough ways that I can tell you how much I adore these audiobooks.  Having listened to both The Demon King and The Exiled Queen, hearing the voice of Carol Monda was like hearing an old friend.  I just loved it.  If I had to choose the best female audiobook reader I've ever heard, it would be Carol Monda.  She absolutely brings these stories to life.  Her voice is perfect for this type of book.  The world that Chima creates is fantastical, and Carol has the ability to take these books one step further and really helps you completely immerse yourself in this world.  Many times when reviewing an audiobook, I think you'll have the same experience reading or listening, but this is one of those times where I think listening to the audiobook trumps reading it on your own.  If you like fantasy at all....please....get this on audiobook!!

Listen to a sample here!

Reading level: Ages 12 and up
Hardcover: 528 pages
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH (August 30, 2011)
Buy the book:  Amazon

The Demon King was really good. The Exiled Queen was fantastic. The Gray Wolf Throne was amazing!!

This series has everything that you could possibly want. It's like a mix between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, with quite a bit more romantic tension to top things off.

Magic, danger, betrayal, fighting, war, love and romance, this book had all the things I love most in a story. I love when a writer is able to show all sides of a story, and go in all different directions with the different characters, then somehow bring it all back together, weaving it into one tale, where the smallest action from one character can change the course of another character's life.

Han and Raisa are phenomenal characters. Raisa is such a fighter. I think that she is my new favorite female character in a book. And!! I want one! Yes. That's is all.

There are very few books out there that evoke the passion and longing and excitement that this book has given me. If you like fantasy at all, read it! READ IT!! You will thank me later!


  1. Loved this whole series, picked as one of my favorites of the year.

  2. I totally agree about Carol Monda--I think I could listen to her read the Congressional Record and rejoice!!

  3. I love the first two books and i'm dying to get the next!


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