Google+ Reading Teen: Second Hand Saturday and In My Mailbox 12/3/11

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Second Hand Saturday and In My Mailbox 12/3/11

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Welcome to Second Hand Saturday!
In an attempt to clear our bookshelves, and pass on great used books to our stalkers followers, Amy, Kit, Abigaile, Austin and I have decided to hold weekly giveaways of some of the books on our bookshelves! Every Saturday, we will post the books available, and the following Saturday, we will announce the winner and our next challenge. The winner will get to choose a book from the list and we will ship it to that lucky person! Each week we will have a different challenge to complete.

This Week's Challange

Tell us about a dare you've have accepted

This Week's Winner Is

And the winner is...

Benji @ The Non Reluctant Reader
Email me at Readingteen1(at) with your book choice.  Please put "winner" in the subject line.  You have one week to claim your prize!

Books Available:

Middle Grade

YA books + (ARC=Advanced Reading Copy)


  1. Uh, my friend dared me to stuff 15 marshmallows into my mouth..... It wasn't pretty. :P

  2. My friends dared me to ask my math teacher if he'll marry me XD

  3. My friend dared me to go up to a random guy in my school and do the macarena for him. Embarrassed is an understatement to what I was feeling after that. And my friend laughed her butt off! LOL

  4. My friends dared me to dance in front of my class and teacher. Lol, total embarrassing moment.

  5. I was dared to eat a worm when I was 7. I threw up just thinking about it.


  6. One Halloween night, a friend dared me to walk all the way through our creepy cemetery alone and in the dark with no flashlight.
    And you have to kind of picture this HUGE rambling cemetery with a long ol' bridge way in the back going up a steep hill that led to the oldest gravesites.
    So I said okay - no biggie, but the further I went in that almost pitch black cemetery the more I began feeling weirded-out.
    I walked way on up the bridge to where I could see the whole immense park with all these hundreds of tombs fuzzy & indistinct, stretching out behind me like an ocean.
    And suddenly, like a dummy, all I could think about were zombies lol
    With everything was so still & silent & fuzzy, all rational thought immediately *evaporated* and I panicked and ran the entire way back to the gate where I'd left my friend waiting. The whole time I was running I don't think my feet TOUCHED the ground since I was fully expecting something to reach out and grab/gnaw my leg off.

    And I didn't dare look anywhere but straight ahead because I didn't want to see what else might be there lol ;D

    brrrr ... I'll never do THAT again~

  7. Shatter me looks amazing i can not wait to get my hands on it! Tempest too I think there is a blog tour coming up for that,

    Congrats on the win amy!

    A dare... ok so mine is PJ related too! I hate when people wear there pjs out like to the supermarket and believe it or not i have seen it a lot and talk a lot of smack about those people! LOL

    So my neighbor dared me to do it, go out in public in my pjs which i did it was highly embarrasing and it will not happen again!

    mel91284 at yahoo dot com

  8. my group of friends dared me 2 kiss a frog/ i did , eeeuw/we r crazy dudes lol

  9. Well, the most recent dare was here :) to build that tower of books.

    Um.... crazy dares? In college our chorale was going to be joining some other choirs to sing at Carnegie Hall so we were on campus for a week over the summer to practice. A group of us girls decided to play spoons, but we started making dares for each other so if you lost you had to do something embarrassing. A couple of us ended up dancing around the soccer field (which is open and smack dab in the middle of campus) at like midnight singing the national anthem. Good times.

  10. In a truth or dare game in college I chose dare - and had to propose to a police officer. LOL It was fun!

  11. Once I was dared to dye my hair came out kind of greenish. Not the best idea :)

  12. I've never accepted a dare, I'm a chicken! =(

    Oh, Wings of the Wicked, I still have to read Angelfire!

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  14. LOL I love it! I can't stop laughing. Loved the intro! Cute jammies..... too bad Jace wasn't there with you guys. ;) I love a good dare! I accept! It's SO ON!

  15. Well, I don't really turn down dares. So, one time, my best friends and I were at a grocery store. Just hanging out (because we hang out at grocery stores sometimes) and we were walking behind some random guy and I had to give him a hug from behind and go "John!!" and then when he turns around and gives me a weird look be like, "You're not John!"

    I did it. It was hilarious.

    ~ Gabbi

  16. You're pajamas are totally normal?! What's wrong with you two!? hehe

    I don't even own normal pajamas like that. I'm a pajamas hoarder (I literally have a dresser that is JUST pajamas) and not one of them has a sweater, or a pair of pants without something cute on them! haha (well the summer ones don't have pants;)

  17. once, my friend dared me to ask 5 girls at my school ''will you marry me'' ?
    it was hilarous

  18. My mates dared me to eat a spoonful of cinnamon.

    NOT FUN.

    AND, they filmed it and put it on youtube!!

    Great IMM! And your PJ's are normal!

    Reading is my cup of tea

  19. I was dared to leave a comment on a blog. This person was reviewing The Hunger Games. She ripped it a new one saying that it was original, on and on. That the idea didn't make sense. I forwarded her the link to the Wiki page for the story of The Minotaur. Which has been referenced as being the idea behind the Hunger Games. The blogger clearly didn't do any research :)

  20. Oh I'm such a killjoy... I rarely accept any interesting dares (although most of the ones I've declined have been disgusting, like to lick the sewer grate. No thanks.)

    I did stand up on a chair in my cafeteria and sing You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift, but only because my drama teacher dared me to ;)


  21. Well, my friends dared me to get straight A's this semester.. if I win, I'll get a big bag of marshmallows, if not, then I get to sing our national anthem in front of the entire school.
    huh.. I'm starting to think a bag of marshmallows is not worth it ._.


  22. In high school my friend dared me to tell the guy I liked that I liked him. =) We dated for almost two years after that.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I was once dared to eat a deviled egg smooched on top of a chocolate chip cookie. It did not taste good.

  24. When I was 15 my mate dared me to climb the tree our school was named after. It was fun, a lot of cobwebs, but it was fun :D

  25. I was dared to start a blog :D

  26. My friends dared me wave at strangers and either call out "Mom!" or "Dad!"

  27. Fun Dare!! Great IMM this week!!

  28. I wished I had an interesting story for you, but I can't really recall ever being dared to do anything extreme... I do hate the sight and taste of raw oysters. I've been dared many times before to try them, and I when I do, it extremely embarrassing... the face!

    -Now, I want to read Angelfire after seeing your excitement for it. ;)

  29. When I was in boarding school, we have this outrageous orientation thing where they will make fun of all the newbies. I was dared to give a flower to this handsome senior during class. I gave him the flower and run out like a coward!

  30. We used to dare each other to run in the snow bare footed=)

  31. I was dared to stick the Big Red gum wrapper on my forehead for 5 min. I didn't make it. That burns like hell!

  32. My friend dared me to dance in public.

  33. hmmm...dares...ummm I was dared to ask my science teacher to dance with me on the day of the school dance...on a slow song...yup kind of awkward when people are taking pics in the background...this just happened last year...yeah


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