Google+ Reading Teen: Abigaile and Austin's Favorites of 2011

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Abigaile and Austin's Favorites of 2011

Abigaile's Favorites:

Austin's Favorites:


  1. Great vlog.. Even though it ended suddenly :P

    I so need to read Shatter Me.. Everyone says it´s amazing.. And I don´t got it :(

    I am also in need of reading Rick Riordans books. Didn´t know he had written a series more, the Olympics or what you called it :) cool. I need to check those out aswell.

    Other then that I really enjoyed Delirium aswell.
    And I am listening to Legend now :)

    Hope you guys get some great reads in 2012 aswell :)

  2. A couple of Abigaile's reads are some of my favorites. I loved Delirium, the Summer series, and The Forest of Hands and Teeth series (they keep getting better!). I really need to read Shatter Me! Thanks for the post :)


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