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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dark Days Tour: Wings of the Wicked Review by Courtney Allison Moulton

Reading level: Ages 14 and up
Hardcover: 384 pages
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books (February 14, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0062002368
ISBN-13: 978-0062002365
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Life as the Preliator is harder than Ellie ever imagined. Balancing real life with the responsibility of being Heaven's warrior is a challenge for Ellie. Her relationship with Will has become all business, though they both long for each other. And now that the secret of who she really is has come out, so have Hell's strongest reapers. Grown bold and more vicious, the demonic threaten her in the light of day and stalk her in the night. She's been warned. Cadan, a demonic reaper, comes to her with information of Bastian's new plan to destroy Ellie's soul and use an ancient relic to wake all the souls of the damned and unleash them upon humanity. As she fights to stay ahead of them, the revelations of those closest to her awaken a dark power within Ellie that threatens to destroy everything - including herself. She'll be betrayed. Treachery comes even from those whom she loves, and Ellie is broken by the deaths of those who stood beside her in this Heavenly war. Still, she must find a way to save the world, herself, and her love for Will. If she fails, there will be Hell to pay.

I would first like to say that I loved Angelfire. Wings of the Wicked is better than Angelfire! It has more action, romance, and just all around intense storyline. It is really gonna be hard for me to write this review without any spoilers, but I'll give it a shot!

I love C. Moulton's writing style. She does a fantastic job with each and every character. Moulton knows what she is doing when she writes a book. The reader feels a very personal attachment to each and every character. You can tell she had so much fun writing this book, it just has you (the reader) feeling every emotion possible. I usually get frustrated with sequels.I feel like the author is usually buying time, being slow with the storyline, so that there is material for the next book. That is so NOT the case with this book. It's better than Angelfire (like I said previously) and it leaves you wanting more, much, much more!

I will start with Ellie's character first. She is one of my favorite heroines. Ellie is so strong, but in Wings of the Wicked she encounters so much. My heart really went out to her in this book, I wasn't sure if she was going to make it. She is tough, yes, in front of Will and her friends. She doesn't want anyone to worry about her. She of course, comes across demons, and has to constantly train and go demon hunting while still trying to graduate from high school. I got physically tired just reading about what was required of her. Moulton of course adds her love interest Will into the mix a lot, which I am not going to complain about. She is tried and tested over and over, when it comes to Will. I love her dedication and determination. Ellie is powerful, Yes. However, she is also just a teenage girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders, and you will really get to know what I'm talking about when you read this book.

Will. Oh, I love Will. I love Will so much, I called my husband Will for the entire week, while I was reading this book. He ignored it at first, but after the third day he started to think I was seriously loosing my mind. Haha. Will is the heart and soul of this series, I kid you not. He is so kind, protective,  sexy, and all around one of the best male characters there is. I think the reason I like him so much is that he is mysterious and he is head-over-heels in love with Ellie. His job as her protector though keeps him from really showing Ellie how much he loves her, and in Wings of the Wicked you will see how/why/when/what he chooses to do about that! Will melted my heart... his brute strength and fighting isn't bad to read about either.

This book was amazing. If you haven't started the series, I cannot stress enough to start. It is a non-stop, romantic, action roller coaster ride.

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  1. Aaah, awesome review! I'm glad you enjoyed Wings of the Wicked so much! :) I love that book to pieces! <333


  2. Did you really absolutely completely love the first book? I didn't and I am just wondering if this is better than the first or of equal value. That way I can decide if I should pick it up.

  3. Awesome review! How is the content in this one?


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