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Monday, January 23, 2012

Help for Yara from Once Upon a Twilight

Hey all!  As many of you have heard, our very good friend (and Jan. book club host), Yara, from Once Upon a Twilight had a horrible house fire this weekend.  Thankfully, she and her family are unharmed, but all of her things have been destroyed or damaged.  One of the things that Yara is most devastated about, is all the books that she and her children lost in the fire.  I'm sure you can imagine how that would feel!  Many of you have asked how you can help, so a group of bloggers have decided to host Yara's Birthday Book Drive.

Our goal is to help replace as many books as possible, but not just for her, but for her two boys who have nothing (they're ages 5 & 10) and her husband. The focus of this drive to get YA, MG and Children's books for Yara and her family. These can be new and gently used. Because it's Yara's birthday next month, we want to present to her as many BOOKS as we can on 2/25! You can even send in book store gift cards as well.

The Birthday Book Drive will run from 1/23-2/23. That leaves us a day to get everything together to present to Yara on the Feb. 25th, her birthday.

ALL Donations can be sent to Lisa (who's helping Yara and her point of contact). PLEASE note on the box, Yara's Birthday so she knows what they are. Please send books to:

Yara Santos c/o Lisa Ciaccio

2914 Julie Ann Drive
Pearland, TX 77584

If you send anything, please list your book/books here or please feel free to email me at adminmundiemoms AT and I'll be happy to update the list for you. That way everyone can see what's being donated. I'll also have this same link up on the facebook page when that page is up.

I know a lot of friends are concerned about her Twilight books, and I can confirm that The Twilight Saga book ARE TAKEN CARE OF.

If you can't donate, please just keep Yara and her family in your thoughts and prayers! If you have any questions, please let myself or Lisa know.

There's also a link set up on Twilight Moms to donate $ and other goods they're in need of. Please go HERE to read more about it or to donate. They have some great links to other drives, and donation relief efforts for Yara and her family.

Thanks so much Katie, Lisa, and all those that have helped to organize this!  We love you Yara, and our thoughts and prayers are with you.


  1. it's really sad what happened to Yara, but it's great to see how pretty much everybody in the blogsphere loves and supports her. (:

    1. I've been so impressed by the response! Bloggers are awesome! :D

  2. THANK YOU so much for spreading the word! I really appreciate it. I'm totally stealing this picture! The one I took didn't come out. I love it and your demon eyes. LOL

    1. HAHAHA!!! I know!! The demon eyes!! I thought about fixing them....but....

  3. Seems like this girls doesn't need teen help. This was a great article. Thanks for sharing!


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