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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mario Skills


  1. Abigaile, you're not very good at that game. haha

  2. Story of my life! The pain! So many deaths on Mario! *cries*
    Haha not really, but I do die a ton when I play Mario games. ANY Mario game. It's pretty bad. This was a great video. :)


  3. I justed LOLed so good. Why? Because even though I am a big Mario fan, I do the same thing if I die too many times on the same level. "OMG, I HATE THIS GAME!!"

    Speaking of Mario, I am working on making one of these for myself:

  4. I love your mustache Abigaile. and i agree with Andye =)

    -Anna @Readingtween


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