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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Forbidden Book Club: Looking For Alaska Day 2

Welcome all!  Sorry for the delay, but we're ready to get back on track!  The following post is for those who have read up to "fifty-two days before" (page 80 hardcover) of Looking For Alaska.  This will contain SPOILERS.
 Since I didn't plan on hosting, I didn't take detailed notes this time around, so I'll keep this brief.
  • I hate the name Pudge.
  • Miles, The Colonel, Takumi and Alaska go about life, getting to know each other and smoking a LOT.  Alaska: "Ya'll smoke to enjoy it.  I smoke to die."  Foreshadowing?  I wonder about this girl.  Did her mom die of lung cancer?  Whatever is going on with her, I have a feeling she is a deeply troubled person.
  • The basketball game.  This was hilarious!  I wish this was real, and I could be there to witness it.  I swear I cracked up laughing during this entire scene.  I love the witty, snarky, sarcasm of these guys!  The Colonel has been kicked out of 37 straight games.  Miles says he wants to be one of those guys that has a streak to maintain.  He always seems to want to be one of those guys that (dot, dot, dot)....but he isn't.  
  • Alaska and Miles hang out more, talking about the future and watching tv.  He thinks that they might kiss, but then the moment is gone.  He says he doesn't get her.  She says, "You never get me.  That's the whole point."  Again, is this foreshadowing?
  • We meet Jake, Alaska's boyfriend, who I thought would be a jerk, but ends up seeming like a nice least so far.
  • The next basketball game.  Miles is hit in the head with the basketball, and hits his head on the floor.  I was busting up reading this.  "I am concussed. The Beast got me.  I'm on a triple-and-a-half date." Then he barfs all over Laura.  Poor Laura!
  • Alaska is pranked, her room is flooded.  I thought this was a pretty awesome prank, but I would be so pissed!!!
  • We find out that Alaska is the one that ratted out the couple that got expelled.  Part of me wants to really not like her, but then I think about what is probably going on in her home.  There's some reason she's so reluctant to go home.  She's scared when they get busted smoking, because she doesn't want to upset her father.  Is he abusive?  Is he depressed (again, wondering if her mother died).  
  • Alaska hangs out with Miles, playing video games in his room and laying her head on his lap.    I hate how she leads him on. 
  • Miles decides, undecides, then redecides to stay at school for Thanksgiving with Alaska.  I wish that he wasn't so enraptured by her.  I wish he'd get a backbone. 
  • Miles kind of reminds me of the dorky guy in Nick and Nora (the movie).  The guy that's a total dweeb, but still somehow kinda cute and endearing.  I want him to get the girl....I just wouldn't want that girl to be me.
  • 52 days before.  Before, before....before what?  The big prank?  Something with Alaska?  Is she going to die? Getting kicked out? Seems like it's gonna be bad. Not good.
So far, I'm enjoying this book, but not engrossed in it.  It's cute and funny, but I think the hype has created a bigger expectation than it can possibly live up to.  I've decided to forget the hype, and the John Green is god-ness that's happening out there, and just take this book for what it is:  cute, funny, witty, and also a little sad. 

For THURSDAY, let's read up until AFTER, so that we can finally find out what the heck the BEFORE is!  Meet back here on Thursday!


  1. I really liked Looking for Alaska.
    Miles is so cute, I totally agree with 'I want him to get the girl....I just wouldn't want that girl to be me.' Although I really wish it was Alaska either, I like her character but she can be such a major pain, and she knows how cruel it is for her to lead him on like that. But I love Laura. ^_^
    Besides that, I love the Colonel. I wish I'd had a friend just like him.
    Beyond that, I found the writing style really interesting. It's very relatable, as though it were written by an actual teenager, and the chapter headings keep making me wonder WHAT? BEFORE WHAT HAPPENS?!

  2. You're review just took the words out of my mouth. Its my first John Green and i want to devour all his other books.
    Just wanted to tell you that its Lara* not Laura. I feel sorta overprotective over characters i like :P
    You should check out my blog and my review for this book is gonna come up soon but it ain't gonna be half as good as yours.


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