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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Angel in the Shadows by Lisa Grace

Angel in the Shadows
by Lisa Grace
Series: Angel #1
Format: Kindle Edition
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Fifteen-year-old Megan Laughlin has a gift--or what seems like a curse at times. Megan sees angels and demons.

Megan knows her destiny is to protect her friends against dark angels who try to sway them into situations that can destroy their lives, their souls, and their eternity.

At school, she recognizes Judas, an ├╝ber popular boy, as an evil angel hell-bent on destroying her and everyone she loves. As Judas spreads horrible rumors and overdoses two of her classmates at a rave, Megan realizes the enormity of his power. While classmates die, Megan, with the help of an angel, Johnny, and a team of friends will face the fight of their lives as they battle Judas.

Megan thinks God hasn't given her any "special" powers, but discovers she has what she needs as she confronts Judas and his seemingly unconquerable power.Megan Laughlin is a teenager with a very unique ability. She is able to see angels of light and angels of darkness. Megan first realizes this talent when she goes away to Church Camp as a junior counselor when she is 15 years old. One of her counselors has a glow about him which he explains to Megan is because he is an angel of light. He told Megan that because she had this ability, she would face specific targeting by the dark forces of evil. Almost immediately after this, Megan began to see dark forces at work around camp trying to influence the campers for evil or to injure them physically. When Megan returns home and starts back to school, she is startled to realize that the new boy in her class is a dark angel, known as Damon/Judas/Jude. As Judas begins to work in the lives of her classmates and friends, Megan realizes that she has a responsibility to do all that she can to thwart his efforts. She does have the aid of an angel of light known as Johnny and eventually enlists the help of some of her friends. Megan attempts to deal with teens using drugs, drinking, decisions about sex and abortion. This is Book 1 so the end of this book doesn't conclude the story.

This is a very specific story with a very specific message. It has a strong spiritual and Biblical message about spiritual warfare going on today. Megan and her family are strong Christians and her faith is the foundation of her life. There are scripture references in the story as Megan tries to teach and encourage her classmates. I liked the story and it held my interest. I do think that it's important to state that this is a fictional account of spiritual warfare. Megan uses her Biblical knowledge to try to help other teens and teach them about God. There were even a couple of points that were made that led me to study the Scriptures. I think this will interest a small population of teens but I do think it has a good overall message and purpose.
  • Profanity:  None
  • Sexual Content:  Moderate
  • Other Notables:  Dealing with Eating Disorders, Underage Drinking, Drugs, Abortion, Spiritual Warfare
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