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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ashes by Estevan Vega

Paperback: 344 pages
Publisher: StoneHouse Ink (September 27, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615543375
ISBN-13: 978-0615543376
More than three months have passed since Arson and Emery were taken. Taken and then separated. And experimented on. Salvation Asylum is more like a prison than a psychiatric facility. Unknowingly, Arson has become a vital instrument in a campaign set to genetically alter mankind. Enraged, confused, trapped, and unable to fully manifest his abilities, he wonders if he will ever see Emery again. His new existence is one crawling with questions. Is Grandma alive? Where does the fire come from? Can he become more than a monster? In Ashes, book two of the ARSON series, nightmare and reality collide as Arson must embrace what he is and the haunting realization that there may be others out there, others like him.
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My thoughts:
Ashes left me... speechless.
It also left me with my heart pounding out of my chest, and my hand slightly shaking while I closed it and took a deep breath.
Now, I know all of that sounds really cliche, but it really was that good.
And my only question is; What is going on in your head, Estevan Vega??
I don't think I have read a book that has disturbed me as much as Ashes did.
Which is totally a good thing, because I've been searching and searching for a book that completely freaks me out and mentally disturbs me.
Is that a weird thing to want?
I guess it might be the same craving you horror movie fanatics have.
I don't care if it is, because Ashes is my favorite kind of book.
It was so beautifully written in such a heart wretchedly, disturbing way.
If that makes any sense.
The whole thing was like a Edgar Allen Poe poem.
Where it's lovely and creepy all at once.

What I loved about this book so much is that, not only was the first book, ARSON incredible, but the sequel was even better. 

It's kind of like your favorite band. Whoever that might be.
The first album they put out is really great, and you love it.
But the second one is even better.
That band just gets better and better and more talented with every album they put out.
And by the third album, you're thinking it'd be completely impossible for this album to be better than the first two albums. No way.

That's how I feel about Estevan Vega.
I feel like it would be fairly difficult for him to write a third book as perfectly as he did the first two.
So I guess I  will just sit here impatiently and wait for the third book.
Ah this will kill me.

Oh and I think I should add that, one of the main characters, Emery, is named after one of my favorite bands. So whenever I read about her, I get the song, "The Curse of Perfect Days" stuck in my head.
Check out the band here:

Anyway, to sum this up, Ashes was great. So so so great.
Read this book. I promise you will love it.
Also, make sure and buy Estevan Vega's short story collection, When Colors Bleed on Amazon!

Sexual: Mild (with some innuendos)
Violence: Extreme
Profanity: Mild
Other: Mild


  1. This may be a little more disturbing than I'm willing to read. I can't even make sense of the cover. Is it a Frankenstein kind of book? I'm scared of the cover. But I loved your review. Your passion for this book shows through and I liked that you compared it to a Poe poem. I know just what you're trying to say. Very poetic review.
    Very nice. Still not reading it.


  2. Uh.. now I'm super excited to pick it up! .. why can't I read faster!?

  3. The Arson ebook is $.99. I just went and bought it after reading this review. Thanks!

  4. WOW okay. I haven't heard of this series before but I'm already in love. Your excitement about it really shows through in your review. (Also, I loved the cover. Then again, I have a flair for the dark.)

    - C.J. -

  5. Abs, you rock. So stoked you enjoyed it. For those a little apprehensive, it really isn't that terrifying. Intense, yes, and it'll keep you on edge.

    Spread the fire!



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