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Thursday, February 16, 2012

YOUR VOICE MATTERS!!! Write a Book Review to WIN a FIRE or NOOK - You Decide!

Hey Guys,

       Alan Tucker author of The Mother Earth Series is having one heck of a contest!!! It's called YOUR VOICE MATTERS, and he's right, it does. Alan would love to read your opinion, beliefs and ideas.
 All you have to do is read a book (any book) and write a review. As many as you want, before its deadline April 30, 2012. But really put your heart into to it, because here is what is on the line...

There will also be at least 10 eBook copies of the Mother-Earth Series Omnibus, which includes all three books in the series, releasing on February 24, 2012, as second place prizes.

Just read a book (which most of you do) and write a review in your own words! Now for your links...

Open to U.S residents only!

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  1. Huge thanks to Reading Teen for spreading the word about this! It's folks like you that make this crazy job of writing words for people's entertainment all worthwhile!

    I hope everyone who takes a peek at this giveaway will take just a minute to reflect on what reading has meant to them and give thanks to a teacher, parent, or mentor who inspired them to read!

  2. Well said Alan! ;) hope the contest goes well for you!!

  3. Awesome! Sounds like a great contest!


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