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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Book Review: Mother's Heart by Alan Tucker

United we stand … divided we fall.
The cunning and powerful Mogritas and his allies, like a pride of ferocious lions, maneuver and toy with the citizens of Mother, before moving in for the kill.
Scattered across not one, but two worlds, Jenni and her classmates struggle to reunite for a final battle against the centuries-old shapeshifter. Can they band together in time? Or will old frictions and new threats tear them, and their adopted world, apart?
Ruin or salvation, the answers lie in Mother’s Heart.

My Review

The Mother-Earth series has not only changed my opinion on reading but has also heightened my love for fantasy books a hundredfold. Alan Tucker has woven a world into these pages unlike any I have ever read about.
Mother’s Heart was an ending to a wonderful series. Although I am quite sad that it is the end, I cannot think of a better way that it could’ve ended. This book was epic. Absolutely epic. Fantasy has also been my favorite genre of books, and this series is definitely one of my favorites.
The character development that takes place from the very beginning is incredible. Mr. Tucker writes with such honesty that you feel like you actually know these characters, that you’re feeling what they are feeling. It’s all very cool beans. Unless they’re hot. Then aren’t cool at all…
Another one of my favorite parts about this series, and especially the final book, is summed up in one fearsome word: Dragons. Dragons played a very significant role in these books and, being some of my favorite mythical creatures, I loved this. The variety of the dragons was also greatly done.  Some breathed fire, some acid, others gas. It was pretty awesome.
This is definitely a story that I recommend to any lovers of Tolkien, Lewis, and many of the other greats. This series will always be among my favorites and I thank you, Mr. Tucker, for writing a series that impacted me so.      


  1. It sounds like a terrific series.
    Very much what YA go for or anyone with a great imagination.
    The dragons sound very appealing.
    You don't get reviews like that for nothing!

  2. I know Mr. Tucker and I'm thrilled to see his series is being well received by his intended audience! I'm off to spread the word and steer some more interested teens to your site. You're all doing a great job, keep up the good work with your reviews!

  3. What a lovely review, Austin. I am so happy that you found Alan Tucker's books.

  4. Thank you so much, Austin for spending the time to read my books! It means so much to know that they've brought some enjoyment to you and other readers out there! Thanks again for all you guys at Reading Teen do to support books and reading!


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