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Friday, April 13, 2012

Review: Fear by Michael Grant

Reading level: Ages 14 and up
Hardcover: 528 pages
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Series or Stand Alone: Series (#5 in the Gone Series)
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Author's Website:

It's been one year since all the adults disappeared. Gone.

Despite the hunger and the lies, even despite the plague, the kids of Perdido Beach are determined to survive. Creeping into the tenuous new world they've built, though, is perhaps the worst incarnation yet of the enemy known as the Darkness: fear.

Within the FAYZ, life breaks down while the Darkness takes over, literally—turning the dome-world of the FAYZ entirely black. In darkness, the worst fears of all emerge, and the cruelest of intentions are carried out. But even in their darkest moments, the inhabitants of the FAYZ maintain a will to survive and a desire to take care of the others in their ravaged band that endures, no matter what the cost.

Fear, Michael Grant's fifth book in the bestselling dystopian Gone series, will thrill readers . . . even as it terrifies them.

My Review:

     I have no words to describe my love for this series.  From the moment I started Gone I fell in love.  They're so intense, from start to finish it's nonstop action, fighting, and madness.  And it's completely addicting.  Throughout this whole book my heart was pounding, I'm pretty sure that I spent more time being afraid than they did.  And it completely blows my mind that throughout all of the blood and war there can also be some of the best romance I've ever read.  I love Sam and Astrid.  Even thinking about them being together makes me smile.  Still.  On book five.  

     Don't even get me started on the characters themselves.  Brianna and Dekka and Jack and Lana and Quinn and Cigar and the nutcase Penny and I could go on and on... I adore every single one.  Even the ones who are completely insane and malicious, there's still a part of me that likes them somehow.  Maybe it's psychotic, but whatever, as long as I get to keep reading these books I am okay with being psychotic.  Come be psychotic with me, read The Gone Series.

Profanity: Moderate
Sexual Content: Heavy
Violence: Extreme
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