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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In Too Deep by Amanda Grace: Book Review

In Too Deep
by Amanda Grace
Reading level: Ages 12 and up
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Flux; Original edition (February 8, 2012)
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Carter didn’t rape me. People at school think he did. Suddenly, new friends are rushing to my side, telling me that Carter hurt them, too. They say he’s getting what he deserves.

Maybe I don’t want to fix this.

“Honest and constantly refreshing.”—Kirkus Reviews

Sam is in love with her best friend Nick, but she can’t seem to tell him. So she decides to flirt with golden-boy Carter Wellesley, hoping Nick will see it and finally realize his true feelings for her.

On Monday, everyone at school is saying that Carter raped Sam. He didn’t, but Sam can’t find the words to tell the truth. Worst of all, she’s afraid she’ll lose Nick if he finds out what really happened.

As graduation approaches, Sam discovers that living the lie isn’t as easy as her new friends make it sound—and telling the truth might be even worse.
 This is the story of a troubled young woman who gets caught up in a web of lies and deceit in an effort to further a romantic relationship with her childhood best friend, Nick Davis.  Sam Marshall is a 17 year old high school senior who lives alone with her father.  Her relationship with her father is not a loving, supportive one.  Her father is a strict disciplinarian who monitors every move she makes.  I see her as a girl who has a very low self-esteem and very few friends before the story begins.  Sam wants her friend Nick to see her as more than a friend and decides to do this by flirting with one of the most popular boys in school at a party.  Sam dresses provocatively for the party and once there she builds up her courage by drinking a lot of alcohol.  Unfortunately when Sam approaches Carter Wellesley, he not only laughs in her face, he also belittles her completely.  The circumstances of this encounter cause another girl at the party to come to a conclusion that wasn't factual.  Sam doesn't realize this until word has spread throughout the school that Carter raped her at the party.  The repercussions of this rumor run far and wide.  Sam falls deeper and deeper into the deception and cannot figure out how to get out of it even though she knows how wrong it is.  Nick has become her protector.  Her father is the police chief.  The girls at school are seeking her out and inviting her to social activities.  How can she tell them all that it was all just one big mistake?

I have very mixed feelings about this book.  I didn't like the character of Sam Marshall.  She was weak and unwilling to stand up and state the truth.  She allowed someone to be accused of a terrible crime when she had firsthand knowledge that it wasn't true.  The problem with my feelings about Sam is that I can understand how she got into this situation.  She is so insecure and lonely that when people begin to respond to her she feels incapable of telling the truth.  The need to feel liked and accepted in high school is a top priority and Sam was feeling that for the first time.  This is not one of my favorite books but the topic is an important one.

  • Sexual Content: Heavy
  • Profanity:  Heavy
  • Violence:  Mild
  • Other Notables:  Underage drinking/partying
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  1. hey, I`ve read it! It`s amasing book about life of teenagers! I advise everybody to taste it!


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