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Monday, June 25, 2012

Albums to listen to while you read I: THREADS by Now, Now

Here's a little something about me that you don't know...
I love listening to music while I read a great book. I feel like having a little background music while reading makes the book more enjoyable.
To me, reading a book without music is like watching a movie with no soundtrack.
So I have decided to share with you weekly some of my favorite albums that I listen to while reading books...

Indie-rock band Now, Now (formerly known as Now, Now Every Children) has come a long way since I first started listening to them in 2008 when they released their first album, Cars.

Threads has easily become one of my favorite albums of the year. 
I seriously cannot stop listening to it. 
When the album ends, I start it over. 
This album is absolutely perfect to listen to while reading a great book. 
It's chill enough not to distract you from what you're reading. 

It's really difficult to say which song is my favorite... but I would have to say that Lucie, Too is probably my favorite. I just lovelovelove the sound of the entire song. And I love how Jess (guitar) sings in this song. And the lyrics, oh my, they are so beautiful and intricate. 

Other than that though, I really can't tell you what song I love the most. 
They are all so great.
I have absolutely no complaints about this album, it's perfect in every way.

Like seriously. Go buy this album right now. 
And listen to it 50 billion times in a row. 

 Buy Threads on Amazon
1. The Pull
2. Prehistoric
3. Lucie, Too
4. Dead Oaks
5. Oh. Hi.
6.  But I Do
7. Separate Rooms8. Thread
9. Wolf
10. School Friends
11. Colony
12. Magnet 

My favorite book to read while listening to this album is Hold Still by Nina LaCour!!
My review for Hold Still

**this album is for all ages. Super clean with no sexual, profane or violent content.


  1. This sounds like a great album. I can't listen to music when I read though, I get too easily distracted and want to sing along or the lyrics distract my mind from the words on the pages. I like to listen to movie scores though like Harry Potter and Twilight. The instrumentals are beautiful and there are no words to make my mind wander.

  2. Love this band. Thanks for introducing Now, Now to me:)


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