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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Audiobook Interview with "Read in a Single Sitting" #JIAM

During the month of June, we're having lots of audiobook awesomeness.  One thing we're doing for JIAM (June is Audiobook Month) is interviewing some audiobook fanatics!

Today we have Stephanie from Read in a Single Sitting with us!

What originally made you pick up an audiobook to try it?

I spend a lot of time walking, so rather than listening to music I listen to podcasts. I started off listening to things like the Radio National's Book Show and podcasts of magazines specialising in short stories. I started venturing into full-length audiobooks when I came across Scott Sigler's work, and when I stumbled across the site Librivox, which is sort of an audiobook Gutenburg Project, I became an avid fan.

Where do you usually listen to audiobooks?

Whenever I'm out walking or running. I walk to and from work, which is about a 50 minute commute each way, so I can get through a bit of material that way! I also like to take long walks on the weekend, so that allows for even more audiobook time. I have recently begun reading paperback books whilst walking (yes, I know, I'm a traffic hazard), but it's dark when I leave work, so audiobooks are the way to go then.

How many audiobooks do you listen to a month?

It really depends on the length of the audiobook and how much walking I fit in, but it can be between 1-5 a month. Far more when I was listening to all of the Anne of Green Gables books, which I devoured!

Who are your favorite audiobook readers?  (name as many as you'd like)

Since most of my listening has come from Librivox, I'll name a few of my top readers from there: Kara Shallenberg, who's narrated a whole heap of my favourite classics; and Alex Foster, who did an excellent narration of The Invisible Man.
Do you prefer full cast audios or one reader?

Just one reader for me. I like the idea of being read to--full-cast readings make me feel like I'm listening to some sort of Orson Welles radio show!

Do you like it when there are sound effects or music on the audios?

Nope, just the audio for me. I'm dull like that!

What is your favorite audiobook (excluding Harry Potter, which I will assume is everyone's....don't tell me if it's not :P)
The Anne of Green Gables books are perfect for audio-reading, as is anything by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I've really enjoyed listening to Jules Verne in audio format as well. Since I've been mostly listening to classics, it's very obvious that some writing styles are well-suited to audio format, and some not at all. I'd never, for example, attempt the Russian greats in audio form!

Thanks so much, Stephanie!  I had never heard of Librivox before, so I'm definitely checking this site out!  Sounds like it's an amazing place to listen to the classics!!

Have you ever listened to anything on Librivox before?  Make sure you go check it out too!  And make sure you're following all of our amazing interviews, giveaways and reviews for JIAM!  You can find those by following this tag!

Try an audiobook today!

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