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Friday, June 22, 2012

Audiobook Interview with YA Bliss!

During the month of June, we're having lots of audiobook awesomeness.  One thing we're doing for JIAM (June is Audiobook Month) is interviewing some audiobook fanatics!

Today we have Sabrina from YA Bliss!  Sab and I met at ALA, and we instantly hit it off!  One of the things we couldn't stop talking about was audiobooks.  I'm pretty sure if anyone rivals me for audiobook love, this is the girl.  Make sure you check out all her audiobook posts on her blog!

What originally made you pick up an audiobook to try it?
My long commute.

Where do you usually listen to audiobooks?
While driving, exercising, flat-ironing my hair, walking to classroom, cleaning the house, cooking, I even started grocery shopping with my earplugs on (not music of course).

How many audiobooks do you listen to a month?
I've listened to seven audiobooks in May so far.

Do you prefer full cast audios or one reader?
I like both. I love books with two voices, but sometimes one reader is equally as good.

 Who are your favorite audiobook readers? (name as many as you'd like)
Joshua Swanson, Emily Janice Card, Emma Galvin, Jessica Almasy and Jenna Lamia

Do you like it when there are sound effects or music on the audios?

What is your favorite audiobook (excluding Harry Potter, which I will assume is everyone's....don't tell me if it's not :P)
*lips locked* Just one? :( I'll name more just in case *wink* ...Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly (read by Emily), Split by Swati Avashti (read by Joshua) and the Summer series by Jenny Han (read by Jessica).

Thanks, Sabrina, for chatting with us!  I'm definitely going to have to check out your favorites.  I can't believe I haven't listened to any of them yet! 

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Try an audiobook today!

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