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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Book Review: Ashen Winter by Mike Mullen

  • Reading level: Ages 14 and up
  • Hardcover: 594 pages
  • Publisher: Tanglewood Press (October 16, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1933718757
  • ISBN-13: 978-1933718750
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Book Review

Of all the books coming out this year, Ashen Winter was one that I was most anticipating. I finished Ashfall just a few months ago and just couldn't wait to continue this trilogy. So, I was very excited to see that Mr. Mike Mullen was signing at BEA a couple of weeks ago. I started reading just about the minute I got it in my hands, and had finished it two days later. Just like the first book, this is a story that keeps you reading 'till the very end. 

This book kicks off about six months after the end of the first one. In the very first chapter, this book is a thrill ride. It's all one twist after another. Not to mention, it's written by one of the coolest authors I've ever had the honer of meeting. 

One of my favorite aspects of this book is that it's an end-of-the-world that could actually happen, kinda. It goes really in-depth on life after the eruption of the supervolcano, and even though I would like to think that Mullen's version of what would happen is wrong (Cannibals, slave-traders, little government) I can't help but think this might be accurate, which makes the whole thing scarier. This is definitely something that is fun to think about.

This is a great book for any teen readers, it really has a little something for everybody. 


  1. I can't wait to read this one!

  2. I picked up a copy of this as well at BEA and I am so excited to dig into it. I love how real his writing feels. Like you said, this is something that is somewhat possible instead of being completely improbable and out there.

  3. I have this waiting for me on my Kindle - glad to hear you enjoyed it!

  4. It's not released in the UK yet but I do have an ARC of it, can't wait to read it! :D


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