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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Heroines with Heart Book Tour: Seeds of Discovery Excerpt & Kindle Fire Giveaway!

What would you sacrifice to find true love and save a kingdom?

The Best-Selling Kindle series, The Dusk Gate Chronicles, will have you falling in love all over again.

Quinn Robbins has never noticed William Rose at Bristlecone High School – not until the night she almost runs him down in her car. After that, she never stops noticing him. Because William is different than the other boys…

Why does a high school senior always have his nose buried in medical journals?
And how does he keep disappearing down by the river every Friday night?

When William starts to show up in her dreams, she is unsure if her curiosity has turned into obsession – or if there is something more mysterious going on.

Unable to rest, Quinn follows William to the river one Friday night…and discovers something startling – something she thought could only exist in a fairytale.

Uh oh, Quinn. 1st Period History will never be the same!

Seeds of Discovery is Book One of the Dusk Gate Chronicles, a new Young Adult series that has been described by readers as “The Chronicles of Narnia meets Cinderella.” Go on an unforgettable journey with characters who will find their way straight into your heart.
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And there, walking down the little footpath from the highway, nearly to the riverbank now, was William.  He was focused as he walked, never looking up, or he probably would have seen her where she stood.  The thought should have worried her, but right now, her curiosity was too strong for her to care.

"What are you doing, Quinn?"  Annie's voice behind her sliced into her reverie and she was almost irritated.
"Nothing."  She turned to see Annie's little face, smiling at her from behind the guardrail.

"Why did you get out of your car seat?"

"I wanted to come with you.  What are you looking for?"

She walked back up the slope and stepped over the rail.  "I don't know Annie, just seeing what was down there, I guess."  Scooping her sister into her arms, she turned and looked back down at the valley, still inexplicably desperate to see exactly what William was up to down there.

But he was gone.

She frowned, scanning the whose valley for him.  There was no chance he could have made it back up to the highway or through one of the snow-packed trails yet.

"I want to see what's down there,"  Annie said.

So did Quinn.  After zipping up Annie's coat, she lifted the little girl carefully over the guardrail, and then climbed back over herself.

"Let's go see, okay?"

Annie was eager for the adventure, and she held Quinn's hand tightly as they navigated down the rocks.  The whole time, Quinn was scanning the area, looking for any sign of where William was, or where he could have gone, but even once they reached the bottom, there was no sign of him.  This was impossible; she was sure he had been here.

He wasn't there.  He wasn't anywhere.

She whirled around, searching the entire valley with her eyes, even carefully scrutinizing the shallow water flowing over the rocks in the riverbed.  He had to be here.

But he wasn't.

Frustrated, she found herself walking all over the riverbank in the cold evening air, looking behind trees and boulders. The sun had set almost completely.  Soon she wouldn't be able to see anything.  Except for Annie, who was now busy searching through the rocks, looking for the "shiny" kind that she liked, there was no sign of another human being anywhere on the riverbank.  It was impossible.  He hadn't had time to go anywhere.  What was going on here?

In a last, desperate move, she walked toward the broken bridge.  She edged close to the water as far as she could, hoping to peer beneath the base of the bridge.  Maybe he was hiding there?  She had to et so close to the water that she got her shoes a little wet, but she could finally see behind the dark outcropping.  Nothing.  He wasn't there, either.

The sun had set now, and only a dim glow lit the horizon.  She sighed.  None of this made any sense.  Annie was still occupied, so she climbed up the crumbling steps and stood for a moment on what was left of the platform at the top.  From here, she could see literally everything, even behind some of the smaller boulders she had searched.  She was alone.

At that moment, a strange idea popped into her head.  What if he had climbed up the bridge and kept on walking?  What if it wasn't really broken?

She knew the thought was absurd.  She was standing here, and the bridge was broken.  William Rose couldn not have kept on walking.   Yet the though resonated with something deep inside of her, a feeling she did not understand rising from her chest.  She walked forward to the broken edge and looked over.  He still wasn't down there.  The water swirled below her in freezing ribbons.

Carefully, she put her right foot over the edge, feeling the space.

There was nothing there, of course, only air.  Laughing at herself, she pulled her foot back before she lost her balance.  The odd feeling passed.

Feeling defeated, she climbed down and made her way back to her car.  Underneath the disappointment, though, a new feeling was building.  Determination.  She was going to find out what was going on with William Rose.

About the Author

After eleven years as an elementary school teacher, I have decided to reinvent myself (whatever that means).

Now I run my own business, play with and educate my beautiful little girl, Little Goose, and write books for young adults that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The first three books in my original fantasy series, The Dusk Gate Chronicles, are now for sale in Kindle format at, for Nook at, in the iBooks store, and at most other digital retailers. The books are also in paperback at a number of online retailers. Also, visit her at

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  1. Seeds of Discovery sounds really good. I hadn't heard of it before. Thanks for sharing the excerpt.

  2. Yes, Amy Seeds of Discovery is an excellent book. I have read the the entire series and would highly recommend it.

  3. I ADORED this book. Probably should have given it five stars considering how much it has really stuck with me. Can I go in and change a review? Hm....

    Anyway, can't wait to read the next book!


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