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Monday, March 4, 2013

[Book Signing] Marissa Meyer & Stephenie Meyer

Last week I went to my first book signings! Since my mom is lazy and I kinda wanted to, I'm writing this post!

I had an amazing time at the Marissa Meyer book signing. I wore my Scarlet hoodie that I was sent for being a part of the blog tour, Marissa loved it! I was so happy when she called on me and complimented my sweatshirt.

But it wasn't just questions then signing, she also told us what inspired The Lunar Chronicles and when she started writing.

Her story was amazing, she grew up in love with Sailor Moon and then she started writing fan fiction and that's where her story takes off.

Some things that really stood out that she said, was that no matter what happened she just kept writing. She said she was surprised that she didn't lose her job when she wrote these. I was so inspired by her story that I keep pushing with my own book writing.

Another thing I loved were the original Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood tales. For me those were interesting because they where pure genius, really cool.... and a
little sick :P  Since I grew up hearing Disney's story, learning the original was extremely interesting.

Also she said that the book tour she was on was super fun and that got me wanting to hurry up and get my book published so I can go on tour!

At the signing they where selling Scarlet and Cinder so I have a beautiful new copy of Scarlet signed by the author.

One other thing I thought was cool  was the little messages she put in the books, my favorite was the one in Scarlet, 'Beware of the big bad wolf'.

I adore Marissa Meyer. She was so funny, happy, and overall awesome.

 There weren't very many people there just enough to fill one small room. I was glad for that, though, it wouldn't have been as much fun if it was a huge room filled with a million people.

Also at the signing, they gave out tattoos and badges. I got a lunar tattoo and a Team Cinder badge when my mom only got a Prince Kai Badge. I, being the noble friend I am, got my friend a tattoo like Wolf's and a badge that says, Team Scarlet. I ended up keeping the Team Cinder, and Team Scarlet badges and giving her the Prince Kai one.

Overall my first ever book signing was awesome! I got to meet ONE of my favorite authors and had an amazing experience. I was inspired, laughed, learned two good stories and where they came from, and got to meet Marissa Meyer!

Little did I know my mom was planning to drag me along to another signing....

The next signing I went to happened to be extremely famous and all her books are movies!  You guessed it, Stephenie Meyer! We had to get tickets at the books store, Politics and Prose, at about 9:00AM to get our books signed at 12:00-3:00 PM. So we waited in the freezing air for our tickets outside the book store, but only for a few minutes as there weren't that many people there.

We got to the actual signing around 1:00 but by then the actors that where supposed to be there had already left because not many people had come. I've never met an actor in my life so I was pretty excited, but unfortunately they had left a few minuted before we got there.

We say Stephenie for only less than a minute before she disappeared back inside a room. So we don't have any pictures of the actual signing :(.

I myself was not that impressed or impacted. I was only excited at all because I knew she was a big time author. The only thing she really said was talking to my mother about the weather and how awful it was. But never the less it was really cool meeting her.

I enjoyed these signings a lot and can't wait for my next trip to the next signing. My mom's been dropping hints that we might go see Lauren Oliver!


  1. wow i'm so jealous! I wish i could go to the signing too! Thank you for sharing your experience with us :) Good luck on your book!! You're so young! I get inspired by young individuals who write :) please don't ever stop, just keep thinking that someday you'll be the one signing others books ;)

  2. How fun!! I love love book signings too! It is so fun to meet them in person!

  3. VERY COOL Reagan! Great post too. I feel like I was tagging along too now with you and your mama (which would be very fun indeed!) Now I'm TRIPLE jealous of you with that fabulous red hoodie, those signed books AND getting to meet an author I haven't met! Too fun! I love signings and hearing their stories are the best kind of signings to go to. (P.S. I love your posts girlie girl! Keep it up!!)

  4. Great recap post. The Marissa Meyer signing sounds like it was really awesome. It's too bad that the Stephanie Meyer one wasn't quite as exciting as you were hoping, but it's really awesome that you got to go.


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