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Thursday, March 28, 2013

[Indie Spotlight] DEFECT by Ryann Kerekes

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Locked in the mental ward on her sixteenth birthday, Eve Sterling doesn’t think things can get any worse.

They can.

After failing the mindscan procedure that predicts future crime, she’s deemed a Defect and subjected to endless psychological and physical testing as the government tries to determine what’s different about her.

The one bright spot is military guard, Will. He’s gentle with her when no one’s watching and suppresses a smile whenever she defies their challenges. Will’s lessons begin to dance dangerously close to knowledge she shouldn’t possess, like what’s beyond the fenced compound. Though it’s forbidden and Will would be killed on the spot if they’re discovered, they steal away moments together. With her very life on the line, Eve has to decide if she can trust the guard she’s falling for.

DEFECT, young adult romance takes place in the near-future.

It is a survivalist love story.

I jerk awake in the night, suddenly aware of someone watching me. I feel his presence before I see him. But once my eyes adjust to the darkened room, I’m pretty sure it’s Will – the guard I saw right after my mindscan. I gasp and try to sit up before remembering I’m chained to the bed.

He brings a finger to his lips. I watch his eyes in the pale moonlight. They are dark and intense and locked on mine. He lowers his finger once he realizes I’ll stay quiet. His eyes have the same serious, troubled look, and he’s just as silent as the first time I met him.

He reaches for my wrist and turns it over, then runs his fingers along the tattoo there, almost as if he knows his cooling touch will soothe the raised, pink skin. I watch him silently, and my chest gets tight. I blink up at him and – just as suddenly as he appeared – he’s gone.

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  1. What a provocative cover... It doesn't even look a YA...


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