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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When Did This Happen? (Or How I Now Love eBooks)

Seriously, when did this happen?  It just kind of snuck up on me.  I got a Kindle a couple of years ago from my amazing friend Elisa (who sometimes reviews for us), so that I could get books from Netgalley.  I have to be honest, reading on it was like banging my head against a wall.  I don't really know why, I just had a really hard time picking up my Kindle when I had real live books staring at me.  I kind-of liked the text-to-speech, because, let's be truthful......I'm lazy, but the first book I listened to was The Iron King, and every book after that I thought, "Hey, where's Ash?" before I remembered...oh yeah, different book.

So, my Kindle reading kind of vanished.  And then something happened......

My husband bought me an iPad mini.  I TOLD him not to.  I said I didn't even use my Kindle much, so why would I use it.  I said I already have an iPhone that does all the stuff, so I don't need it.  But, he did it anyway.  And there was this:

Ok, first of all, I go faster than 2.0, so don't start!  But more importantly, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT SCREEN!  And I don't have to hold it open and try to read it while it flops all over the place, AND I can make the print as big as I want!!

10 Things I Love about My Kindle (iPad Mini):

  • As stated above, so easy to read on the treadmill.
  • I put the settings on Sepia, so it doesn't seem like I'm reading off a computer screen, and it's just awesome!  
  • I can carry it in my purse easily.
  • If I forget it, it automatically syncs up to my iPhone, and I can just read it on there at exactly the spot I left off.
  • If the cover is ugly or embarrassing, or I'm around a bunch of intellectuals who think I'm a freak for reading YA, they will never know.
  • I can switch to Goodreads and back in 5 seconds.
  • I can highlight a passage and tweet it.
  • I can check out a book from the library INSTANTLY and download it!!!  This absolutely blows my mind.
  • Did I mention how lazy I am?  I don't have to hunt down a bookmark!!
  • It holds a bajillion books!  If I'm out, and I'm hating the book I'm book. 

Ok, that was 11, but who's counting?

So, I'm hooked!  It's so bad that I will actually go to an eBook before I pick up an actual book.  Of course, if I love it, I still have to own a hardcover copy :P

How about you?  Have you made the switch, or are you holding out until your last breath?


  1. Yeah I love my iPad too -- and I want a mini isn't that crazy - just cause the iPad can be bulky at times.

    1. Not crazy at all! My husband has an iPad, and I picked it up and was like, CRAP, this thing is a BRICK! I love the mini! It's a perfect size.

  2. I love my kindle but wants an ipad :)

    1. I can't tell you how much more I like it! :D Oh, the mini, though!

  3. Hi Andye,

    I agree that the iPad is awesome I have a mini as well and I have a kindle and just couldn't connect with it. All your points on the iPad are great and I totally agree and love it as well. Funny how some devices just don't cut it while others rock!

    1. So true. I can't even tell you WHY I didn't like reading on the Kindle. And I don't like reading on my computer. But the iPad mini is like the best of both worlds!

  4. I'm holding for as long as I can with the printed books.
    For me, there's not such a thing as a replacement for that.

    And I own a Samsung tab. Bought solely for the purpose on reading books that Were ONLY published in eBook format.
    But even with that, I've never tried doing something like waking, let alone running while reading so I can't relate much to how awesome it is for you to do it now without worrying about flipping pages and so.

    Hahahahah YA and the covers... Now that you mentioned them. I've kind of thought about that with the book covers. Specially with the trend of publishers changing covers while in between publishing a series. Say like the Across The Universe ones... I refuse to get the second and third book now. So maybe someday I'll buy the eBook to read the whole trilogy...

    But other than that... I really need me my printed books to feel like I'm actually reading a book and not just a document of sorts in my computer... iPad... You name it.

    Happy you now fell in love though!!

    Alba -BookPics-

    So sorry for my long comment I tend to ramble a lot! -flush-

    1. UGH! I feel you! I HATE how they have started changing the hardcovers half way through. It drives me insane!

    2. Exactly... So that's where my kindle app comes in handy as well as Netgalley :D


  5. I love my Kindle, but I tend to only use it for Netgalley and buying e-books that are either free or on sale for a few bucks. I don't like to buy e-books at full price - I'd rather pay a little more to get the hardcover.
    But yeah, I do love how I can check out books from my library on it, highlight passages, and read in the dark. Those are all great things about e-readers! Great post. :D

    1. Yeah, I'm with you, I haven't bought many eBooks either. I think they'd have to be a lot cheaper for me to do that. Although it would be nice to be able to get a book I'm dying to read right at midnight on my kindle.....

  6. I won a kindle fire last November and I thought yay a smaller tablet. but I find I read faster on my kindle fire than a physical book, but like you I still need physical books also, and always will.

  7. Ah. I swore up and down and left and right last year that I would never get an ereader. I was all, "EW. Technology. EW. Go read an *actual* book." (I know, I'm not proud of it, either.) But everything changed when I got an iPod touch basically, so I could get Netfalley and EW stuff. Now, I've got about 5 ebooks to read hopefully before they expire. I won't even go to how many physical copies I've got to finish before they're all due back to the library.

    I still MUCH prefer physical copies though. I think I read faster on physical copies and my eyes don't tire out easily on them. But then again, I can read the ebooks at night when my parents think I've fallen asleep already.

  8. Great post! I love ebooks and my Kindle too! :)


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