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Thursday, April 11, 2013

[Indie Spotlight] The Truth About Taliesin Weaver by Bill Hiatt

The Truth about Taliesin Weaver

Taliesin Weaver can't tell most people what his life is really like, partly because they would never believe him, and partly because the knowledge could be dangerous--for him and for them. However, if he could describe his life to you, he would probably say something like this:

"Back in 2008 my life pretty much ended. No, I'm not a zombie or something like that. I'm not even a vampire, though I know that's fashionable these days. I have a heartbeat just like yours. No, my body didn't die. It was my old life that died. Oh, I do a pretty good job of pretending for people who don't know the truth, and that's the problem--the life everybody sees is like some elaborately scripted movie I star in. Any resemblance to my real life is strictly coincidental.

"What killed my old life? Well, right after I turned twelve, I got hit--and when I say 'hit,' I mean HIT--by waves and waves of experiences from my previous lives. I was submerged in them, drowning in them, sure I would lose my present self completely. At first I thought I was losing my mind. So did pretty much everyone else, including my parents, and I almost ended up in a mental institution. Fortunately, I figured out what was happening in time--with the help of one of my 'past selves,' oddly enough. I pulled myself together, got control of the chaos in my head, and started pretending to be the person I used to be.

"Don't get me wrong--I'm not miserable all the time. I used to be a mediocre musician; now, at the risk of sounding like I'm bragging, I'm a great one. I used to be a good soccer player; now I can be a great athlete in virtually any sport. You see, with just a little practice I can master any skill ever mastered by any of my past selves. Sound cool? What would you think if I told you I could also work magic--literally? Yeah, I wouldn't have believed it either, but one of my past selves was Taliesin, King Arthur's bard. The original Taliesin could work magic, so I can as well.

"By now you're probably wondering what I'm whining about. Even I have to admit my life sounds pretty cool if you think about it the way I just described it. The problem is that I always had an overwhelming dread of anyone finding out the truth, like I was in the grip of some tynged (binding spell), and horrible things would happen if anyone knew about my true nature. Can you imagine how big of a strain it is to live a lie even with the people closest to you? Well, you can guess what happened: I slipped, someone began to figure out the truth, and then all hell broke loose. An apparition predicted my death. A shape shifter disguised as my best friend tried to kill me. I discovered I had an enemy, but I didn't know who--or what--it was. I also discovered I had a friend, but one just as secret as my enemy--and there were days I doubted that friendship. I and several other students from my high school got pulled into Annwn (the Otherworld); we just barely avoided being captured by Morgan Le Fay. And all of that happened during the first month of school!

"I didn't know what my enemy wanted, though it seemed clear one of its goals was to put me six feet under. I thought about leaving to protect my family and friends, but my 'friend' warned me that if my enemy couldn't find me, it would go after the very people I was trying to protect in an effort to force me to reveal myself.

"Yeah, running away would have been scary. Staying to face some unknown evil was even scarier, but I had no choice. And every day I woke up wondering which piece of 'reality' was going to blow up in my face, which friend or relative was going to face mortal danger because of me. Then, one day, I came home from rescuing one of them and found the Gwyllgi, the black hound of destiny, sitting on my front porch...."

To find out whether or not Tal can find a way to save everyone he cares about, read Living with Your Past Selves.To find out more about how Tal's problems began, read the prequel, "Echoes from My Past Lives."

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