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Thursday, April 25, 2013

[Indie Spotlight] Windless by Audrey St. Jean

Welcome to Windless Valley, home to seven different tribes of Folke people, along with a village of unsuspecting Humans.

The Folke are a race of people as tall as your thumb. They live comfortably under the cover of nature, safe from prying Human eyes and blundering Human feet. Folke-people are to be found everywhere and nowhere at once. They are at one with their natural environment, and make thriving, progressive communities alongside it.

A Map of Windless Valley ©Audrey St. Jean
In Windless Valley, the tribes of Folke people are all very different. The Lun are known for being nocturnal, reading the Stars, and interpreting their messages. They live on the floor of Windless Forest. The Solae, or the Sun-Folke, make their homes in the uppermost branches of the trees in the Three Hills Forest. The Acuae live in and around water. Their homes are both in Grey Pond and on the banks of Slow River. Next, are the Byrren. The Byrren are also called the Fire-Folke. Nearly every aspect of their lives involves fire, and clever manipulation of their environment (and sometimes other tribes) with it. They live in a very small, flat plain directly in front of Long Hill. The Terren keep the most to themselves out of all the tribes. They live in vast, complex underground tunnels. They moved into Windless Valley and promptly made their homes inside of Long Hill. The Kalcul, a kind and peaceful tribe known for living in and among stones, took up residence in the Stone Fields in the northern section of the valley. The last tribe is the Auren. They are part Fae, so when they arrived to the Three Hills, they were welcomed with open arms by the fairies that already lived there.

A Solae Home in the Uppermost Branches of a Tree ©Audrey St. Jean
WINDLESS is the first book of the Windless Valley series. The story centers around Anixe, a 17-year-old Lun girl. She was gifted with Foresight from birth, and although she could tell the peace of her tribe would be shaken soon, she never guessed that she would be at the center of it.
Anixe's Home at the Base of a Sycamore Tree ©Audrey St. Jean
One clear, crisp evening, as she was out picking wild herbs for her mother, Anixe met two boys around her age, from two completely different tribes than her own. That same night, she met with a fairy, who informed her that one of the boys was her true love. It wasn’t until later that she found out that if she chose the wrong boy, it could destroy her life, the lives of her family and friends, and the peace that the tribe had so painstakingly rebuilt over the last few generations.

Another Lun Home ©Audrey St. Jean

WINDLESS is for sale now here:

In the next installment of the Windless Valley series entitled ENDLESS, Anixe will find herself in places she never dreamed she would ever see. The release date for Windless Valley #2 is July 2013.

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