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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[Book Spotlight] Swans & Klons by Nora Olsen

I’m so excited that Andye and the Reading Teen team have brought me on the blog today to tell you about my new novel Swans & Klons!


What does it take to survive in a world built on lies?

Sixteen-year-old Rubric loves her pampered life in the Academy dormitory. She’s dating Salmon Jo, a brilliant and unpredictable girl. In their all-female world, non-human slaves called Klons do all the work. But when Rubric and Salmon Jo break into the laboratory where human and Klon babies are grown in vats, they uncover a terrifying secret that tears their idyllic world apart.

Their friends won’t believe them, and their teachers won’t help them. The Doctors who rule Society want to silence Rubric and Salmon Jo. The two girls must flee for their lives. As they face the unthinkable, the only thing they have left to believe in is their love for each other.


Rubric couldn’t stop a few tears from trickling down her cheek. She would never see Nanny Klon again. And she had no one to blame but herself.

Her vision was so blurry that in the hallway she bumped into Filigree Sue.

“Rubric, what’s wrong?” Filigree Sue asked.

“It’s no big deal, Fil.” Rubric sniffed. She didn’t even know if she should tell her. But why should she have to keep it a secret? “It’s just that Nanny Klon has been replaced by another Nanny Klon.”

 “Huh, no kidding. So?”
“So I miss her.”
Filigree Sue laughed and clouted Rubric on the back of her head. “You thicko, next you’ll be missing the pierogi you ate for lunch! You need to get more sleep and stop drawing pictures. Too much imagination is your problem. You’re just another Hollyhock!”

Completely unexpectedly, Salmon Jo appeared at her side. Salmon Jo was looking particularly disheveled. Her curly hair was sticking up, and her chest was heaving as though she had been running for klicks. Rubric wondered why she wasn’t at the Hatchery like she was supposed to be.

“Ru!” she gasped. “We have to leave right now. We’re in mortal danger!”

“What do you mean?”

“Remember what happened to Hollyhock?” She grabbed Rubric’s hand and started pulling her down the hallway.


These are some of the songs that inspired me while I was writing Swans & Klons:

The Crystal Ship by The Doors
The Clone by Project Pitchfork
Every Day I Write the Book by Elvis Costello

About me
I’ve loved writing ever since I was a child. My first YA novel, The End: Five Queer Kids Save The World, was published in 2010 by Prizm Books. Swans & Klons is my second YA novel. I live in New York’s Hudson Valley with my girlfriend and two playful cats.

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  1. Omg, congrats, Nora! I'm so excited for you! How did I miss this? Going to go email you and Squeeeeeeeeeeeee in your virtual ear!!!!


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