Google+ Reading Teen: Second Hand Saturday 5.25.13

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Second Hand Saturday 5.25.13

Welcome to Second Hand Saturday!
In an attempt to clear our bookshelves, and pass on great used books to our stalkers followers, we have decided to hold weekly giveaways of some of the books on our bookshelves! Every Saturday, we will post the books available, and the following Saturday, we will announce the winner and our next challenge. The winner will get to choose a book from the list and we will ship it to that lucky person! Each week we will have a different challenge to complete.

This Week's Question:
This week The Reading Teen team is going to BookExpo of America in New York City!!!  Will you be there?  If you've ever been to BEA or ALA or any book convention, what was your favorite thing about it.  If not, would you want to go and why?  We hope to see you there!

Just comment below to be entered!

And this week's winner is...

Kaitlyn (The Bookworm)

Email me at Readingteen1(at) with your book choice. Please put "winner" in the subject line. You have one week to claim your prize!


Books Available:

Middle Grade


      YA books + (ARC=Advanced Reading Copy)

      • Skinny by Cooner
      • Two or Three Things I Forgot to Tell You by Oates
      • Prodigy by Marie Lu
      • The Farm by Emily McKay
      • Shadows in the Silence by Courtney Allison Moulton
      • Magisterium by Hirsch
      • Notes from a Ghost Town by Ellison
      • Futuredaze (various authors)
      • The Wrap-up List by Arnstson
      • Sway by Turner
      • Beta by Rachel Cohn
      • Stolen Nights by Rebecca Maizel
      • The Rivals by Daisy Whitney
      • The Blessed by Hurley
      • What's Left of Me by Kat Zhang
      • Outpost by Ann Aguirre
      • If I Stay by Gayle Forman
      • Ten Things We Did and probably shouldn't have by Sara Mlynowski
      • A Blue So Dark by Holly Schindler
      • The List by Sioban Vivian
      • The Demon's Covenant by Sarah Rees Brennan
      • Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
      • Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
      • Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin
      • Nobody's Secret by MacColl
      • Haven by Kristi Cook
      • Once in a Full Moon by Schreiber
      • Magic of the Moonlight by Schreiber
      • The Beginning of After by 
      • A Midsummer's Nightmare by Kody Keplinger
      • The Girl Who was on Fire by various authors
      • When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle
      • Guilt by Katherine Longshore
      • Alice Bliss by Laura Harrington
      • Rootless by Howard 
      • Entice by Jessica Shirvington
      • Fang Girl by Keeble
      • The Dust of 100 Dogs by King
      • The Morganville Vampires volume 2 
      • Wish You Were Here by Clark
      • Hunger by Kessler
      • Pretty Bad Things by Skuse
      • The Peculiars by McQuerry
      • The Tension of Opposites by Kristina McBride
      • You Wish by Mandy Hubbard
      • Saving June by Hannah Harrington
      • Stargazer by Claudia Gray
      • Fat Vampire by Rex
      • The Sweetest Thing by Mandelski
      • Trance by Gerber
      • Anxious Hearts by Shaw
      • Between by Warman
      • Nicholas Dane by Burgess
      • Where She Went by Gayle Foreman (hardcover)
      • The Carrier of the Mark by Lee Fallon ARC* (signed to Andye)
      • Mercy by Rebecca Lim ARC *
      • Bitter End ARC by Jennifer Brown*
      • Desires of the Dead ARC by Kimberly Derting*
      • Team Human ARC by Justine Larbalestier & Sarah Rees Brennan*
      • Shut Out ARC by Kody Keplinger*
      • Deception by Lee Nichols ARC*
      • The Fox Inheritance ARC by Mary E. Pearson (signed to Andye)*
      • Undercurrent ARC by Tricia Rayburn (signed to Andye)*
      • END OF DAYS ARC (A Nightrunner Novel) by Max Turner*
      • I Now Pronounce You Someone Else ARC by Erin McCahan*
      • Gilt ARC by Katherine Longshore*
      • Numbers: Infinity ARC by Rachel Ward* (book 3)
      • Dark Water ARC by Laura McNeal*
      • Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson (signed to Kirstyn)*
      • The Lucky Kind ARC byAlyssa B. Sheinmel*
      • WHEN I WAS JOE by Keren David*
      • Drain You ARC by M. Beth Bloom*
      • The Key: The Guardian of Time by Marianne Curley* (book 3 hardcover)
      • Destiny ARC by Gillian Shields*
      • Small Town Sinners ARC by Melissa Walker*
      • The Springsweet ARC by Saundra Mitchell*
      • HUSH ARC by Eishes Chayil*
      • I am J ARC by Cris Beam*
      • Going Underground ARC by Susan Vaught*
      • Grim ARC by Anna Waggener*
      • Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith*
      • Waiting ARC by Carol Lynch Williams *
      • Wondershow ARC by Hannah Barnaby*
      • After the Snow ARC by S.D. Crockett*
      • Hush ARC by Eishes Chayil*
      • Guardian of the Gate (Prophecy of the Sisters book 2) ARC by Michelle Zink *
      • Little Women and Me by Lauren Baratz Logsted*
      • Circle Nine ARC by Ann Heltzel*
      • The Julian Game ARC by Adele Griffin* (signed to Andye)
      • THE 10 P.M. QUESTION ARC by Kate de Goldi*
      • YOU KILLED WESLEY PAYNE ARC by Sean Beaudoin*

        Adult and Non-Fiction



                1. I won't go (because i'm from Macedonia dah) but i want to go so bad! I want to feel how it is to be surrounded by people who like you love YA books. Here in my place, people don't even know there's such thing as YA books. They think they are for little kids so they don't read them...
                  Have fun at BEA. :)

                2. I've gone to one book convention. My favorite thing about it was I got to mingle with some of the biggest name authors in the industry and meet them in person! And then I got them to sign my books. :D

                3. I've never gone but it's something I would love to do someday. It would be so fun to be around so many people who love the same thing as you!!

                4. Sadly I won't be going because it is during the school year and near finals. My principal is not big on teacher's living during that time. Anyways, I would love to go though. I've been to an ALA conference, and it was amazing. I loved meeting the authors and coming up with so many books between my two friends and I that are car was dragging at times. *The dragging part wasn't so good* I hope you have fun!

                5. Unfortunately because of financials I can't go to BEA. Besides meeting all the great authors, I'd love to go to just meetup with other bloggers. It's great talking online but it'd be even greater to meet some of my bb friends in person.

                6. I can't go because I live smack in the middle of Europe, but I'd love to! At some point I might even travel to the US for it - you know, when I've got more money :P I'd love to meet all the authors, other bloggers, and people in the publishing industry. There are so many interesting panels going on! And of course raffles and ARCs, which are hard to get in print form if you don't live in an English-speaking country.
                  Thanks so much for the giveaway!

                7. Because I am from Europe, I obviously can´t go, but I would love to! It sounds amazing! I would love to meet the authors and get the books signed and meet my favourite bloggers and meet people who love books and especialy YA books just like me.
                  Fortunately, we have here bookish event called Book World, filled with publishers selling their books, signings (a year ago I met Patricia Briggs! :)), book launches and themed discussions. Actually it took place two weeks ago and I was happy to be there for two days of four. And we, the Czech book bloggers, had big meeting there! It was so much fun! :)
                  Enjoy BEA! ;)

                8. I've never had the pleasure of going, but I would absolutely LOVE to. Being able to see/meet favorite authors and having the opportunity to get my hands on some amazing books would be top shelf :)

                9. I really wish I could go! I would go so I could meet authors and other fellow book lovers.

                  Have fun at BEA!


                10. I wont be going.. its too far away..I would love to go because i love anything to do with books and meeting authors!! i unfortunately i cant go because of work and my family..I do wish you all good luck and have fun!!!

                11. Have fun at the convention. I've never been, but would love to. I'd love to go to any convention actually.

                12. You are so lucky!! One day I'll make enough money to afford a trip to America (I'm in Europe) to visit this or any signing event to be honest :)
                  Have fun and get lots and lots of books!

                13. I am from India so I will not be there but I really wish that I get to go to all the bookish conventions one day. They sound and look super fun! Have fun!

                14. I've never gotten to go to BEA, but I want to so much!! The only book convention I've ever been to was PAYA, it was this small gathering of authors and booklovers. My favorite part of it was getting to meet my favorite author!

                15. I want to go to BEA so much, but I can't. It sounds like a book blogger's dream come true, though! I'm newer to book blogging, so maybe in a few years I'll go. I've never been to any book conventions though, much to my chagrin.

                16. I've never been but would LOVE to go. I can only imagine being surrounded by so many books and other book lovers. Hopefully one day there will be some kind of convention around here that I can get to.

                17. I would love to go to one since I love books and I am a book lover. I would love to meet people just like me. Thanks for the giveaway.

                18. I have not been but would love to go. Going to try and go to one soon . I want to meet all the cool authors and other bloggers that I tall to a lot via Facebook and the blogs. Thanks for the chance to win.

                19. I'm in Europe, so I won't be going, but I'd love to:)

                20. I have never been and I won't be going this year. :( I live in Texas, praticly the opposite of the country. I do want to go because of all the authors that will be there! Plus, the fact I have never been makes me want to go! Anyways I hope ya'll have fun! :)

                21. So jealous that you get to go to the convention!! I have never even met an author in person, but one day I will get my chance. :) Have fun! <3

                22. That's so cool! I've never been to one but I would love to someday. It would be awesome to meet the authors! Have fun!

                23. I'm not going either, but I would love to go someday. I would love to go with my blog partner because then we could finally meet in person! And I won't lie, the idea of getting a lot of ARCs sounds amazing.

                24. I have not been but it sounds way fun. I'd love to get to see what books are new and the amazing people who wrote them!

                25. As a high school librarian, I would love to go. I did go to AASL in 2009 and have ALA in DC in a few years on my calendar.

                26. I've never been to anything like BEA but I'd love to go! Authors are the best celebrities and being surrounded by books sounds like heaven.

                27. I've never gone. :( What sucks is that I live in NYC! I wish I could go, because there are great authors and bloggers and it's just an amazing experience. But there's school and money, and just time. So maybe one day. (:

                  ~ Angela C.


                28. I haven't gone to one, but I am dyyyyiiinnnggg toooo!!!! All these great authors do all these awesome tours in America. Yoo-hoo!! Over here in the UK! We also read your books!
                  I need to make sure when I do come to America I come during one of these book conventions. And with an extra empty suitcase. Of course.

                29. I've never been, but it would be fun to experience it. :)

                30. I'd love to go. I've only ever been to single author book signings and it's so much fun! However, I think going to one of these types of things would be a blast because you'd be surrounded by others who love books and you'd be able to meet others and maybe find new authors that you didn't think you'd like. I believe that would be a wonderful experience.
                  Xo Kristi

                31. This comment has been removed by the author.

                32. I wish I lived in the US just to attend these kind of events. I am so jealous! I'd LOVE to go. Meeting authors, talking books, making bookish friends... paradise|

                33. No unfortunately I don't go to the book fair, I live in Brazil. I wish to go because I love books and I would love to know new bookworms, new fans of my favorite sagas, etc...

                34. I have never been. I would love to get to go to meet the authors, meet others who love books, and getting to hear about all the new books!
                  Thanks for the chance to win!

                35. I never been there but I would love to because it's all about BOOKS! I imagine it would be fun talking to other book lovers about upcoming books :D

                36. No I've never been to one and don't except to as well.. :( Would love to meet all those authors *sigh*

                37. No, I have never been to one and i would love to attend one as it will be fun to meet so many book enthusiast :)

                38. I have been to the Nevada Reading Week workshop a couple of times. It is pretty darn cool. The best thing about it is all the free things we get and listening to the authors.

                39. I have never been but I would be in heaven getting to go and be around all those books and other readers! I only have a few friends who read and most of those are no where near as avid as I am so they don't like to discuss books and think I am a bit book crazy! So yep pure heaven just for the chance to talk books with no disruption or crazy looks!

                40. I've never been but I'd absolutely would love to go! Just the experience of seeing and meeting authors, not to mention a chance to get new books first!

                41. Sadly, I've never been (can't afford it), but I dream of going one day for sure! I'd love meeting so many authors and book people in general, and oooh, all these gorgeous books!


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