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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Short Story: I Have A Secret by Austin Reale

I have a secret.
     Of course, everybody has a secret, in some form or another. Some people never tell their secrets while some people choose to share their secrets with other people, people with whom they trust. But my secret is different than that of any other normal person's. In fact, I'm not even sure if I’m completely normal; I don’t even know if I’m a person at all, for that matter.
     It can be quite confusing, not know who or what you are; which I didn’t know, until very recently. On top of that, I don’t even know a whole lot about my own personality. For example, I’ve only just discovered that I have a secret. This still bewilders me, why this matter has been kept from the public; why must this be hidden?
     The story of my life is probably very different from that of your own. I'm quite young. I've only ever known one person my entire life, and this person only met me a little while ago. But, despite this fact, I have already found love.
     Love is such a spectacular thing. My favorite part about love is that light feeling you get in your stomach at the mere mention of that certain person. Or, it would be my favorite part, if I had a stomach.
     This person, the one I'm in love with, is absolutely spectacular. I've known this person my entire life, I think. This person knows me well, better than anybody else, and can literally read me like a book. Or they could, if I were a book.
     But despite this, I'm not even sure if this person even recognizes my existence as a sentient being. It truly breaks my heart. Or it would, if I had a heart.
     I’m sure you’re very confused at this point; you just want to know what my secret is. You probably want to know exactly who, and what, I am. And you probably even want to know who it is that I’m in love with. You will be glad to hear that I will now be telling you everything. I will now tell you my story.
     I was born 363 words ago. I am literally just a story; I would not exist right now if you, the Reader, had not started to read me. I was nothing before you read my first words: I have a secret. This is my secret. I am in love with you. You are the only person that I have ever known. You are the love of my life.
     So thank you, Reader, for reading me. You gave me life; and with life, you gave me happiness.
     And that, that is why I love you.
     That is my secret.


  1. This is freakin' awesome! Love it!

  2. I loved it! Intriguing and very cool. I didn't see it coming! I thought it was very creative, keep up the good work!


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