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Friday, September 20, 2013

Monsters and Mahem Blog Tour & Giveaway!

Darkness in YA
by Ilsa J Bick

I know there’s been a lot of handwringing about that, and in fact, I wrote a fairly long rebuttal that appeared on Hunger Mountain to the Cox-Gurdon Wall Street Journal articles that started all the ruckus.  The full text of that article is here.

So to give you a thumbnail, nitty-gritty: people, chill out.   Seriously.  I know people worry that kids will be influenced in some way by what they read—that a book could push a troubled child over the edge—but in all my years as a child psychiatrist, I never once met a kid who said that Sylvia Plath made her do it.  Really, kids aren’t psychological lemmings.

I think that novels and other art forms mirror the society that produces them, and that’s been true since Og first picked up a bit of charcoal and scratched on a rock.  So if things are too dark in YA lit, that might say a great deal about our world as it now stands—and if that is troubling, then maybe we, the adults, ought to be taking steps to change that and stop dumping on YA lit for holding up that mirror in the first place. 

A couple years ago, I met a librarian who works in Anaheim.  The population she serves lives with violence, gangs, drugs, rape, incest . . . just horrible, terrible things.  What’s interesting is that her kids aren’t reading fantasies or vampire books or sci-fi.  They devour contemporary novels that revolve around and mirror their reality, books about gangs and drugs and rape and incest and crime and broken families—and not because the topics are depressing.  In those books the kids triumph.  They find a way out of their private hells. These books are quite hopeful because the teens in them do succeed where their parents and society have failed.  These novels are journeys of growth from and through darkness toward the light—and that is the essence of the adolescent experience.

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  1. I love Ilsa Bick! She is an amazing writer. Drowning Instinct was a very well written and intriguing book. I'm still not sure if Mitch was a bad guy or not.

    I'm a bit of a wuss though and can't read Monsters. Ashes was scary enough!

  2. I love this guest post! The part about nobody blaming their behaviors on Sylvia Plath made me laugh and the end made me tear up a little.

  3. I definitely agree, such a great guest post. Ashes was really amazing and I can't wait to continue the series.


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